The Troll is an unnamed creature who serves as one of the main antagonist of the novel Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. He is the first antagonist encountered in the whole series.



The Troll somehow managed to find his way to the surface of the earth, around Italy. He went on a rampaged and ate several cows before arriving to human civilization. Holly Short was sent on reconnaissance in order to track the Troll until retrieval arrived.

The Troll was attacking an Italian restaurant filled with humans. Holly was initially forbidden from entering the human dwelling. However when a child called for help, Holly was able to take this as permission to enter. She tried to stun the Troll, but to no avail. The Troll grabbed her and nearly killed her, but Holly managed to turn on her helmet bright lights and incapacitate him. The Troll was taken into LEP custody, and all of the human witnesses were mindwiped.

Fowl Manor

Briar Cudgeon, hoping to get a promotion, send the Troll into Fowl Manor, hoping it would scare Artemis into calling for help, thereby giving the fairies permission to enter. Cudgeon did not care if Holly was hurt or killed by the Troll. The Troll had at some point in his life eaten human meat, and was excited to eat more humans. The Troll almost attacked Juliet, but Butler intervened. Butler shot the Troll in the chest, which was ineffective. The Troll gored Butler, leaving him to die.

Holly tried to fight the Troll, but was unsuccessful. She tried to use hear helmet lights again, but they were broken. In desperation, Holly headbutted the troll, which temporarily turned on her lights, slightly incapacitating the Troll. Holly was too injured to continue fighting, so healed Butler.

The Troll was about to eat Juliet when Butler recovered. Butler put on a suit on medieval armor to battle the troll. He shot the troll in the head, which greatly incapacitated it. Butler then proceeded to beat up the Troll with a mace. Butler was about to kill the Troll, but Holly stopped him. Butler instead threw the Troll outside of Fowl Manor. 

The Troll was presumably taken into LEP custody again.


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