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The Troll

The Troll is the main antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Sorcerer".

He was voiced by Alex Jordan.


After Gumball and Darwin do all the chores at Mrs. Jötunheim's cave, she warns the boys not to open the forbidden door. But Gumball ignores her warning and accidentally released a giant Troll, gobbling Darwin up. Gumball tells the witch that the Troll is unleashed by accident, and Mrs. Jötunheim gives him the magic hat.

Mrs. Jötunheim and Gumball encounter the Troll before he could eat Mr. Small and battle him. Gumball summons his magic powers thanks to the magic hat, but the magic powers were useless against the giant Troll. He gobbles Mrs. Jötunheim up and destroys the magic hat.

The Troll's only weakness was getting surprisingly annoyed by a person and to shrink down and lose power. So, Gumball defeats the Troll kept talking about Leprechauns, elves and orcs, causing the Troll to shrink down and upchuck the people of Elmore he ate, including Darwin and Mrs. Jötunheim. The Troll continued to shrink until he was destroyed.



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