Less noise, please! Shh-shh-shh. Less noise. (Eugene: Matthews! I knew you were up to no good!) You have no idea how "no good" I really am. (Lance: Matthews!) Not quite. I am Tromus! And my master, Zhan Tiri, has a great need for this little Sundrop.
~ Tromus revealing his true form.

Tromus, also known as Mr. Matthews in his human disguise, is a major antagonist in Tangled: The Series. He is the innkeeper of the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow who is secretly one of Zhan Tiri's disciples.

He is voiced by Gavin Creel.


Tromus was once a pupil of Lord Demanitus before betraying him along with Sugracha the Eternel and possibly Mother Gothel to serve his new master Zhan Tiri, but after Zhan Tiri was defeated he went into hiding trying to find a way to free him


Tromus disguised as Matthews first appeared in "Mirror, Mirror" where he was introduced as the Innkeeper of the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow he welcomed in Rapunzel and her friends into the house until the storm passes without requesting any payment something Cassandra was suspicious of.

after Rapunzel and her friends defeat the mirror reflections of themselves trying to trap them and then take their place (presumably a plot by him) they try to leave the house but realize how bad the storm is and stay for the night

His next appearance was in the next episode "You're Kidding Me!" he briefly appeared when Cassandra, Lance, and Shorty are turned into kids (presumably another plot by him) he tells Rapunzel that the only way to reverse it is to spin the top backwards that turned them into babies. at the end of the episode, he vows to keep the Sun Drop (Rapunzel) in the House forever.

He appears again in "Rapunzeltopia" when he traps Rapunzel in the dream world in order to for Zhan Tiri to get the powers for himself so he can escape his imprisonment. If Rapunzel completes the coronation she will accept the dream world and be stuck there forever giving the power to Zhan Tiri and the only way to escape is to touch the Black Rocks. Tromus dangles a perfect life in front of her to get her to accept the Dream World. However, Rapunzel's subconscious mind starts acting, so Tromus goes in the Dream World as Eugene in order to convince her. It seemingly works but then Rapunzel realizes that the place isn't real. So then Tromus traps Rapunzel in her worst Nightmare but when he disguises himself as Mother Gothel Rapunzel realizes that she also has control over the Dream World she Touches the black rocks escaping the Dream World and causing the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow the vanish along with Tromus.

It's unknown what happened to him after this.


As Matthews he appears the be a kind welcoming person who treats his guests with respect but this was all a ruse. Once his true form Tromus is revealed his personality is of an Evil, Power Hungry, Sadistic Minion who will not hesitate to use any means necessary to free his master and get him the power of the sun drops and takes great pleasure in doing so.




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