You are destroying the Klingon Empire and all that makes us strong.
~ Tron, to Ambassador Kobry.

Tron was an antagonist in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Strike Zone.


A Klingon male, Tron was the first officer of the IKS Kothulu. While leading a landing party investigating Kreel activity on DQN-1196, Tron and his landing party were attacked by the advanced weapons that the Kreel had discovered. Beaming back up to the ship, Tron was severely chastised by the ship's Commander for running before DQN-1196's weapons opened up on the Kothulu. It was only then that the Commander realized Tron had been seriously outgunned, and they limped away to warn the Klingons about the Kreel's new source of weapons.

Tron was later named the head of Ambassador Kobry's guard on the USS Enterprise at it took Klingon and Kreel delegations to DQN-1196 in order to resolve the current conflict between the Klingons and Kreel. Prior to leaving the Kothulu the Commander hinted that something should happen to Kobry so that the Klingons could engage in a full scale war against the Kreel.

Upon meeting the Kreel Tron and his men got into a scuffle with the Kreel after the Kreel delegate Aneel compared Kobry's daughter Gava to a woman he had raped once. The two delegations were stunned by Commander Riker and placed in the brig. They were later released from custody after Tron promised he and his men would be on their best behavior.

Tron later tried to assassinate Kobry by using one of over 100 widely available poisons in the Empire. What he did not know was that Kobry took antidotes to poisons on a regular basis and the antidotes gave him enough protection for Doctor Pulaski to save his life. Using the apparent death of Kobry as an excuse, Tron and his men proceeded to attack the Kreel delegation. Tron cornered a Kreel and killed him with a throwing star, however before he died the Kreel forced the star back into Tron's face, destroying one of his eyes. Tron was then subdued by Lieutenant Worf and thrown in the brig.

After the violence had come to an end, the surviving Klingons and Kreel were held in custody. Tron was given a patch to cover his ruined eye. Kobry visited Tron, and told Tron that he had no name. Stripped of his name, career, and honor Tron began screaming, which was music to Kobry's ears. Walking away from the brig, Kobry decided that there might have been something to the idea of revenge after all.

Kobry stated that Tron would be dealt with by the Klingon justice system, which would most likely be his execution, and that the Commander of the Kothulu would likely be punished as well for planting the idea in Tron's head to assassinate Kobry.

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