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If it means I will slap the shit out of her...then yeah.
~ Troy responding to Carver about punishing Sarah.
~ Troy after Jane shoots him, also his last words.

Troy is an original character who appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two. He served as the secondary antagonist of the first half of season two.


Troy tracks the cabin group to the Moonstar Lodge after they leave the cabin. They save several members from a herd of walkers surrounding the lodge that were attracted by the out-of-control wind turbine, but quickly surround them and take them hostage. Troy marches them into the lodge at gunpoint and guards them while Carver searches for Rebecca. When Johnny is suddenly shot dead, Troy gets behind a pillar and scans for the shooter. He stands by as Carver executes Walter, then holds Rebecca back as he brings out Alvin to face the same fate. If Clementine chose to seek out Kenny and tells him to shoot, or surrenders and doesn't say or do anything, Carver is shot in the shoulder, leaving Troy stunned. However, Carver quickly recovers and kills Alvin. Otherwise, Troy continues to guard the prisoners as Kenny is coaxed out of hiding, and escorts them during the trip back to Carver's camp.

Troy appears at the start of the episode, allowing Clementine and Sarah to take a pee in the woods. He is seen many times in the episode, mostly keeping Clementine in line. Later on, after Luke, Kenny, Mike and Clementine are caught trying to plan an escape, they are brought back to the garden area and while Carver heavily beats Kenny, Troy will hit Clementine if she chooses to help Kenny, leaving a cut on her cheek. If Clementine does nothing, Sarita will get hit by Troy instead.

Later on, after Carver is killed, Troy appears outside with the others, angrily asking them what they are trying to do. Luke slowly reaches for an assault rifle nearby but Troy notices and aims his gun at him, telling him he'll shoot. Jane, who appears to have had a romantic relationship with him in the past, starts to sweet talk him, to where he lowers his gun and begins to flirt with her. However, she moves his gun and shoots him in the crotch and shoots his penis off, to where he falls to the ground screaming in pain. The group then uses him as a distraction as they push their way through the hoard. Troy is then heard screaming in pain as he is ripped apart by Walkers. 



  • Troy's character model originally was used as a placeholder for Carver in the first trailer for "A House Divided".
  • Troy seemed to be very abusive toward kids during the zombie apocalypse as he frequently hits Clementine and is excited to see Sarah hurt, it is unknown if he was like that before the apocalypse or what caused him to be that way. 
  • Troy actually expresses shock when Carver tortures Kenny.
  • Troy is one of the many characters in The Walking Dead that does not speak in the first episode he is introduced in.
  • Despite being one of Carver's main henchman, Carver privately calls him a dimwit, implying he doesn't think much of Troy.


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