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The trolls are going to war!
~ Trundle
Outsmart anyone you can't beat, and beat anyone you can't outsmart.
~ Trundle

Trundle, also known as The Troll King, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. A hulking, territorial frost-troll king, Trundle is gifted with the powers of an Iceborn, and uses his club of True Ice to freeze anyone who trespasses on his domain.

The 65th champion added to the game, Trundle was released on December 1, 2010, and was reworked April 30, 2013. He is most commonly played in the jungle or top lane.

He is voiced by Joshua Tomar, who also voiced Crow in Nefarious and Strom in Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom.



In the inhospitable tundra of the Freljord lived a race of trolls, hulking brutes who had a better chance of surviving the cold than the human weaklings. These trolls valued strength and survival above all else, and the scarcity of resources meant that each of these tribes and their rivals had to be fiercely territorial in order to survive in the mountains of the Freljord.

In a cave in one of these mountains, Trundle was born with a brood of fifteen brothers and sisters. However, only seven of them were strong enough to join the chieftain's warband, and after the next winter, only three of them remained. The trolls feasted on the spoils of war, and the chieftain explained his plans to get more food. He said that if they raided the same exact villages as last time, it would be easier, and they could have more food forever.

The trolls applauded the chieftain's plan, but Trundle spoke up against it, stating that the villages they already raided would have no food left for them to steal. The tribe should instead wait until next winter before attacking again, as the humans would have more food then. Trundle's surprisingly intelligent comment confused the other trolls, and they kicked him out of the warband for questioning the chieftain's strategy.


Trundle left the tribe and began to wander, avoiding the other tribes and being careful not to run into yetis. Trundle thought of the great troll kings of old, such as Grubgrack the Wise, who had been given the divine right to rule with their weapons of ancient power. Trundle admired kings such as Grubgrack, and aspired to be strong and wise just like him.

Before long, Trundle stumbled upon a large crack in the ground, which led down into a deep, cavernous labyrinth beneath the ice. Trundle hid in the caverns to be safe from the wind, but at the very bottom, he met the dreaded Ice Witch, Lissandra.

The Ice Witch waited for the troll on top of a frozen lake of True Ice, surrounded by human Frostguard warriors. Trundle wasn't afraid of humans, but he was curious about the witch's intentions and went to speak with her, carefully walking on the dark, shimmering surface. Lissandra asked Trundle how he had come into her domain, and how he was able to walk on her lake. These questions confused Trundle, but it did not matter to Lissandra because she already knew the answer. The Ice Witch told Trundle that unlike the other trolls, he was special. He was an Iceborn, and his powers would be best served staying in the caves with her as a Frostguard.

Trundle refused Lissandra's offer, stating that he did not want somewhere else to live or to be someone else's servant. Trundle told her how the other trolls had cast him out, and all he wanted payback against his chieftain. Trundle mentioned that with a mighty weapon like Grubgrack's, he could take over his tribe and declare himself king of all trolls, but and he wasn't interested in any offers unless he could get such a weapon. Trundle prepared to leave, but to his surprise, the Ice Witch considered his proposition, on the condition that he form an alliance with the Frostguard as well. Trundle eagerly accepted, and armed with the mighty club of ice known as Boneshiver, made his way back to his home.

The Troll King

Trundle approached the chieftain, who laughed at his return from exile. Without hesitation, Trundle bashed the old troll's head in with Boneshiver, freezing him to death instantaneously. With one more blow, the chieftain shattered into a million pieces, leaving the warband awed by Trundle's newfound powers. Trundle told them the tale of the Ice Witch and his alliance with the human tribe. The other trolls praised Trundle as a smart troll who had been crafty enough to gain such power, and willingly crowned him their king.

With Trundle as their new king, the frost-trolls see a bright future of food and pillaging on the horizon, as he seeks to take rulership of the other tribes and fulfill his deal with Lissandra as he leads his warband into battle.


In game, Trundle is juggernaut-type champion, a fighter with high health that deals high damage at close range. Trundle's passive, King's Tribute, heals him whenever an enemy dies near him. Trundle can use Chomp to bite his enemies, sapping their health and speed, he can use Frozen Domain to enhance his stats over a selected area, and Pillar of Ice to spawn an ice pillar from the ground that slows and blocks enemies. Trundle's ultimate, Subjugate, has him steal an amount of a target's health, armor and magic resist, which doubles over the next four seconds.


Not troll chief, troll king! King!
~ Trundle

Trundle may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but no matter what people think of him, he always manages to keep a trick or two up his sleeve, as among the frost-trolls he is actually smarter than average. As king of all trolls, Trundle has a particularly devious and brutish side to him, allying with Lissandra as a means to get more power for himself and becoming fiercely territorial whenever someone trespasses on his domain, and even outsmarted his rival Yettu in a battle of wits. But as king, Trundle also seems to think himself invincible, growing arrogant whenever someone challenges him and seeing himself as the rightful ruler of everything he sees. Trundle also likes to embellish tales about himself to build up his own reputation, or simply for his own amusement.

Trundle likes smashing things, including humans, which shows a slightly sadistic side to the troll king. Trundle also likes making puns about ice and his club, though it's unknown if these are even intentional. Trundle's favorite possession is his club of True Ice, which he used to kill the chieftain and take over as king. This is also reflected by his worst fear, which is that his club will melt. Despite his role as a villain, Trundle does care about the well-being of his people, and fears that one day Lissandra may break her promise and betray them.





  • Trundle's club is named Boneshiver.
  • His recall animation is a reference to the "Winter is coming" pose from Game of Thrones.
  • Trundle's role in the Freljord is most likely a reference to the origins of trolls in Scandinavian folklore.
  • Trundle is a cannibal and likes to eat the feet of other trolls because toenails are crunchy.
  • "The trolls are going to war" may be a reference to the Ents in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
  • "Hahaha! Sunlight? Really?" is a reference to trolls in mythology that turn to stone in the sunlight.


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