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Total Destruction requires total victory.
~ Trypticon's motto
Trypticon cannot be stopped! Nothing can stand in my way!!
~ Trypticon

Trypticon is a colossal Godzilla-like Decepticon & the groups' most strongest weapon ever known. He has 3 modes, consisting of his Godzilla-like robot mode, a city & a mobile battle station. Though a ruthless killer who enjoyed his battles well, he doubts whether if his allegiance to the Decepticons is indeed right. He is aided by by Decepticon drones named Full-Tilt & Brunt & is shown to be the sworn nemesis of both Omega Supreme and Metroplex. In his defeat, he turned into Megatron's battleship known as the Nemesis.

Toy Biography

Doesn't stop blasting until he's hit-deep in the smoking rubble. Completely without mercy. The most lethal fighting machine devised by the Decepticons. In dinosaur mode, jumps 20 miles with a rocket backpack. Shoots heat-seeking plasma bombs from mouth & mind-controlling hypno beam from optical sensor. As city, has landing & repair bays, communication center & rotating scanners. In mobile station mode, has laser cannon, rotating blasters, destructo-beams & dual photon launchers.


G1 Transformers Cartoon

First appearing in the 5-part episode "5 Faces of Darkness" in the year 2005, Trypticon was created by the Constructicons after the Decepticons formed an alliance with the Quintessons, using a populated human city as a source. After being created, he frightened off most of the humans living within his body before transforming into his theropod mode. Trypticon's first mission was to destroy Autobot Headquarters, but met a small resistance of who tried to stop him. He knocks Powerglide out of the way & beated the rest of the Autobot ground forces, stepping on Swerve in the process before finally destroying the Ark for good. After finishing this mission, Trypticon heads toward Autobot City to destroy it, leaving a disabled Metroplex at risk. The collosal Autobot was however saved with the arrival of Blurr, Wheelie & Sky Lynx, who had Metroplex' transformation cog. Sky Lynx distracted the Decepticons to give Blurr & Wheelie enough time to insert Metroplex' transformation cog, enabling him to transform into robot mode. The collosal Autobot gained an upper hand when he beat up Trypticon for good & hurled him into the horizon, crashing into the Pacific Ocean.

Trypticon was voiced by Brad Garrett, who would later voice Grease Pit in Biker Mice from Mars and would later play Robert in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Marvel Comics

Trypticon made his one and only appearance in the Marvel US comic in Issue #27. He was despatched to Earth by the Cybertronian Decepticon commander Ratbat as a favour to the Earth Decepticons, a one-off lending of resource to deal with the Earth Autobots. Trypticon launched an attack on the Ark, aided by his assistant Wipe-Out, decimating an Autobot advance party whilst using sonic-scrambler missiles to prevent Autobot reinforcements from reaching them. When he also tried to kill young human Rachel Becker, it prompted first Grimlock and then the rest of the Dinobots to enter the fray, keeping Trypticon busy until Ratbat recalled him to Cybertron, declaring he had exceeded his fuel allowance.

Trypticon’s only other appearance was in the UK-exclusive story “Meltdown”, when Flywheels brought him to assist the Autobots against their mutual enemy, the insane Autobot scientist Flame, who was about to activate a poorly-managed reactor that would go critical and destroy Cybertron. Trypticon smashed down the door to Flame’s control room and fought Flame’s zombie army. Curiously, he was not seen among the group assembled after Flame’s engines exploded and appeared to be too big to fit through the hatch Emirate Xaaron used to escape, making his fate unclear (although Xaaron does make a reference to “Decepticons” being among the survivors).

Transformers: Scramble City

Trypticon appeared in the noncanonical Japanese continuity of G1 Transformers OVA Scramble City, appearing in the OVA's ending after Metroplex aided Superion & Defensor beat Menasor & Bruticus, preparing to battle Metroplex.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

When the Autobots were attempting to evacuate Cybertron, Trypticon (in his cannon form) fires the ships under the command of Megatron to ensure the Autobots cannot escape from him. When Megatron ordered Trypticon to fire both Iacon and Optimus Prime, the Aerialbots destroyed Trypticon's Conversion Cog to revert him into his original form. While his jetpack was destroyed, Trypticon fell from orbit and crashed to Iacon to fight Optimus, Bumblebee and Iacon. He easily defeated the newly arrived Aerialbots but gotten defeated by the Autobots and fell into the Energon Lake by Optimus and his Energon Axe.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

After Optimus, Jazz and the now rescued Cliffjumper were trapped in Kolkular, Jetfire infiltrated inside of the in-stasis Trypticon's body until he encountered Starscream and his troops. Jetfire used Trypticon's laser beam at Kolkular to free Optimus and the others.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Trypticon. If you can hear me, understand this is not a rescue mission. Despite your great power, you failed to destroy the Autobots. You failed me. Henceforth, your chassis will be altered and redesigned to my specifications.
~ Megatron to Trypticon punishing him for his failure.

After Megatron was resurrected and disposed Starscream from his leadership, Megatron and his army wage war against the Autobots to get to Trypticon. After reached Trypticon, Megatron decouple Trypticon's body stabilizers and reattached him. After defeated the Autobots, Soundwave informed Megatron of Trypticon remained in deep stasis and attempted to repair the damage Trypticon received from his last battle only for Megatron denied of repairs. Megatron told to Trypticon (if he could hear his leader) that this is not a rescue mission. Despite of his great power, Megatron punished Trypticon for his failure of killing Optimus Prime. Soundwave recalled to Megatron that Trypticon will be stuck in his newly alternative form permanently due to the damage he sustained which he didn't care and ordered Soundwave to begin the Nemesis Protocol turning the useless Cybertronian monster into a battleship.

Transformers: Prime

Years later after transformed into the Nemesis, Trypticon was revived by Dark Energon and regain his controls. He intended to seek out more Iacon relics but willing to neutralize Megatron and the Decepticons (whom they didn't recognized Trypticon many years ago) and placed them in stasis lock. Jack, Miko, Raf, Agent Fowler and Ratchet infiltrated into Trypticon to remove Dark Energon from the Energon fueler until Trypticon attempted to terminate them but accidentally cause Megatron fall pulling the lever to remove Dark Energon and Trypticon returned into deep stasis.


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