Queen Tsarmina Greeneyes is an anthropomorphic wildcat and the main villainess of the Redwall series book Mossflower.


Tsarmina was the daughter of wildcat warlord Verdauga Greeneyes, the brother of Gingevere Greeneyes, and the niece of Ungatt Trunn. Her father ruled over Mossflower Woods and its inhabitants from a castle called Kotir with their army of weasels, stoats, and ferrets.

Though Verdauga was often harsh, he was also fair, and let the woodlanders have their own farms and families as long as they payed tribute and didn't revolt. Tsarmina however, wanted to rule the woodlanders tyrannically, and plotted to overthrow her father and seize power for herself.

When Verdauga got sick, Tsarmina used it as a perfect opportunity to murder him. She bribed the vixen healer, Fortunata, to slip poison into the medicine and have her brother Gingevere administer it. Verdauga died and Tsarmina framed Gingevere for it, throwing him into the dungeon. Tsarmina then became Queen of Kotir, and used her power to completely tyrannize the woodlanders, going into all-out war. She later gave Fortunata and Ashleg (a pine marten who was involved in the scheme) a high-ranking position in the Thousand Eye Army.

Tsarmina was totally ruthless and conniving, doing anything to get her way. She was also large and powerful, using her claws and fangs as her main weapons, along with a bow and arrows. Her one weakness was that she was completely terrified of water, and would go crazy at the mere thought of it.

Before Verdauga died, their vermin soldiers captured a young mouse named Martin the Warrior. Tsarmina wanted to kill Martin, but Verdauga admired his courage and had him thrown in the dungeon instead. Eventually, though Martin escaped and allied with the creatures in Mossflower.

Martin returned and led the final revolt against Tsarmina and her forces. It ended up as a bloodthirsty duel between the two leaders. Tsarmina used her claws and fangs to rip apart Martin, but the warrior mouse would not back down, using his mighty sword to hack at Tsarmina. The wildcat nearly killed him, but Martin drove her back into a lake. When Tsarmina saw she was in water, she panicked and flailed out deeper, eventually drowning.


  • Tsarmina's name is a play on words involving the Russian title for a female ruler, Tsarina, and the word "mean".


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