Tso Lan, also known as the Moon Demon, is an antagonist in the TV series Jackie Chan Adventures. He is a powerful sorcerer with the ability to alter gravity.

He was voiced by the late Glenn Shadix, who also played Xiao Fung.


Tso Lan appears as a four-armed, black-haired, gray-skinned humanoid demon with insect-like traits, and has a very calm personality and appears proud to some degree.


His portal is located halfway between the Earth and the moon, which the Dark Hand and Shendu reach by using Earth's space station to pass over its location. Upon release, Tso Lan prepares to move the moon out of its orbit, annihilating the Earth's ecosystem in the process to make the planet a more suitable environment for him to live on. He is banished back to the Netherworld by Jackie, Jade and Tohru.

Demon World Story Arc

During the "Demon World" story arc, Tso Lan is one of the four final demons to be banished away forever, fighting El Toro who used the Rooster Talisman to combat Tso Lan. It is revealed that Tso Lan is older than his sister Po Kong when they were all trying to get through Shendu's portal. He appears to be one of the strongest beings in existence when he tossed Po Kong like a feather, something no other demon could do, and beyond the strength of the Ox Talisman or the shadowkhan summoned by the Fourth Mask, although it also could have been a gravity trick. Tso Lan was the Demon Sorcerer of Moon who hailed from a family consisting of himself as well as seven siblings and later on his nephew Drago.


  • Given how Tso Lan attempted to remove the moon from it's orbit and destroy Earth's ecosystem to it more suitable for him to live on, which would have killed millions of lives in process, Tso Lan could be considered to be one of the most dangerous and evil villains in Jackie Chan Adventures.


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