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Tsubarov is the chief engineer of OZ and the Romefeller Foundation and the secondary antagonist in the first half of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

He is a great engineer and weapon designer that takes great pride in his work, however, pride lead to the conflict between him and Treize Khushrenada and Lady Une.

He was voiced by Richard Green in the English dub.


Tsubarov is a gifted engineer that is valued by Romefeller Foundation, he is also one of the executive member of the foundation. He created a weapon called Mobile Dolls, which are mobile suits controlled by A.I. to help OZ to have better and easier control to Earth and strengthen Romefeller Foundation. Tubarov believe that his Mobile Dolls are better than human pilot z which worsen his relationship with Treize. Treize eventually interfered in a Mobile Dolls test, which made Tubarov hate Treize more.

Eventually, Duke Dermail, the head of Romefeller Foundation send Tubarov to Moon base, where he will frequently interact with Lady Une. Une believe that the Mobile Dolls are worthy as she believes that they can reduce the casualties of war. However, Tsubarov wanted to see his Mobile Dolls in combat, which Une won't want to. Tsubarov also has conflict with Lady Une in dealing with the captured Gundam pilots, Duo Maxwell and Chang WuFei and the five Gundam scientists. As Lady Une let them takes part in the development of the Mercurius and Vayate Mobile Suit project. When Lady Une leaves the lunar base, Tsubarov started a rebellion against her and cut the oxygen supply to the prison to kill the Gundam pilots and scientists. Lady Une eventually returns and is shot by Tsubarov, putting her into a coma. However, the Gundam pilots and scientists escaped.

When the space colonies fully support OZ and Romefeller Foundation, Tsubarov takes part in the building of the giant battleship Libre, ordered by Dermial. Since building the Libre required great resources and man power, Tsubarov started to squeeze the resources and man power of the space colonies, which exhausted the citizens so much that the rebellion force White Fang started to have their movements.

Tsubarov was captured by the White Fang, and is bring to be imprisoned by the rebels in the lunar base, who claimed they would make him regret designing the Mobile Dolls. However, the engineer escaped mid way and made his way to his control room, where he unleashed the Mobile Dolls, ordering them to kill anything they saw. Even though the Mobile Dolls seem to have the upper hand at first, they are still taken down one by one by Wufei and his Altron Gundam. The battle damaged the lunar base, as the entire complex collapsed around him , Tsubarov's mind snapped, from fear, stress, and anger. Ranting about how he and his precious Mobile Dolls were invincible and would one day rule the world, Tsubarov was killed in the explosion of the facility. With his demise and the Mobile Dolls technology getting captured by White Fang, the rebellion of space colonies started.


My mobile dolls will never be defeated! They cannot be defeated! Only my Mobile Dolls and I will celebrate victory in the end! Just watch! My mobile dolls are invincible! No one in the universe can compete with them! I am invincible!
~ Tsubarov's mental breakdown, and his last words
Tsubarov is an arrogant individual that takes great pride in his Mobile Dolls, believing that they are superior then human pilots and even the ZERO system. He is also poor at tactics as his strategy when facing a problem is deploying more brutal force. He is also traitorous, as he betrayed Lady Une. When things don't go his way, he will keep ranting about it. In the end, when he sees his Mobile Dolls are taken down one by one by Wufei, he goes mad and says that he and the Mobile Dolls are invincible.



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