Tsuchigumo (土蜘蛛, English: Dirt/Earth/Purseweb Spider), also known as Yatsukahagi or Ogumo, are spider-like creatures, which originate from the Japanese folklore. These creatures can be located allover the Japanese islands, mountains, forests and caves. These creatures can transform into a yokai, and grow into a giant size, being able to catch bigger victims to consume. From humans to animals, anything that they can trap, they will eat.

Tsuchigumo mainly live in forests and mountains, where they build their homes in silk tubes, where they are ambushing for the victims which pass by. They rely on illusion and trickery to humans. Tsuchigumo has a very wide selection of forms, and has a lot of ambitions in the mind. Tscuhigumo appears in a lot of Japanese legendary stories.


In one, a Tsuchigumo changes its form into a servant boy, future on transforming into a administer venom in the form of medicine to the famed warrior known as Yorimitsu. His wounds were not healing at all, Yorimitsu ended up believing that a foul play was playing out. Because of this, Yorimitsu slashed the boy with his sword, which then ended up running away into the forest. After the attack, a strong illusion activated which the spider laid on Yorimitsu, and he found out that he's covered in spider-webs. After this scenario, Yorimitsu with his retainers started following the trail of the spider's blood into the mountains. Once they arrived, they found a huge arachnid, dead from Yorimitsu wound.

In another legend, the Tsuchigumo takes a form of a beautiful female leader, and leads a giant army of yokai-monsters against the Japan. Yorimitsu and his men found the yokai army on the battlefield. Yorimitsu attacked the female leader firstly, and suddenly her hand vanished; as it was an illusion. His retainers ended up following the woman to a cave, in which she transformed in the giant spider. Yorimitsu ended up slicing her abdomen open, as thousands of baby spiders escaped out from her belly. Yorimitsu with his retainers started killing every single one of the baby spiders, until all of them were dead.

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