Tsukuji Shimizu is a notorious wud serial killer in Wizard Barristers, who murdered at least 15 innocent wuds (wizards) before his eventual arrest and conviction. Him and his brother, Rei Shimizu, claimed he had dissocitive identity disorder due to an abusive childhood, which became a point of contention at his trial for his killings.

His arrest and trial

Tsukuji murdered at least 15 wuds, the serial killings becoming wide spreed news, before he was eventually arrested. His brother, Rei, went to the Butterfly Law Offices and requested their services in defending Tsukuji at his eventual trial. The attorneys visited Tsukuji in the detention center, who gleefully described his murders without a shred of remorse, and made a disturbing sexual advance on the young Cecil Sudo after asking about her hair beads. His brother told Butterfly Law that Tsukuji suffers from dissocitive identity disorder, which arose from the abuse that he used to suffer during his childhood. They witnessed this themselves first hand, during Tsukuji's examination. Nevertheless Cecil still felt conflicted about defending him.

At his trial Cecil; hesitantly, argued that Tsukuji's DID meant he was not of stable mind when he committed his murders, successfully bringing his sentence down from the death penalty to a life sentence in a specialized institution. After the trial however, Tsukuji was lead past Cecil, and made a comment about her lucky hair beads, something that his "sane" personality shouldn't remember. This tipped Cecil off to the fact that he had made up his DID, and she decided to confront Tsukuji's brother about it.

It's revealed that the true purpose for him and brother faking the DID wasn't for the sake a lighter sentence, but as a trap for their target, Cecil Sudo. This was was on the orders of Inspector Shizumu Ekuso, for that were as of then unknown.