Tsukuri, ready.
~ Tsukuri

Tsukuri is a villainess in the DCAU Justice League continuity. She is an Asian mercenary with her mastery over the art of sword that debut in the episode "Fury" and became a member of the Legion of Doom later on in Justice League Unlimited.

She was voiced by Karen Maruyama.


I like you, but not that much.
~ Tsukuri

Tsukuri is very focused, dutiful, disciplined, and is quite loyal to her employers. However when the missile were about to fire inside of the stealth bomber, she abandons Aresia, showing a sense of self-preservation or that she does not like Aresia that much to the point of dying with her (as she puts it).


Tsukuri is a member of Aresia's version of the Injustice Gang and had aided the rogue Amazon in her plan to purge all men from the world by stealing both chemicals and priceless gems according to Aresia's design. She helps steal a stealth bomber jet plane to shoot the cruise missiles into the air in order to spread Aresia allergen-like toxin worldwide, while being opposed only by Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl. During the final battle between them and the heroines, she ultimately jettisons the ship after the Hawkgirl smashes the bay doors with her supernatural Nth Metal mace (jamming them shut and forcing the missiles to shoot inside of the plane).

Tsukuri later joined Gorilla Grodd's Legion of Doom until Lex Luthor took over as the new leader. Afterward, Tsukuri stopped attending the meetings ever since, and was not present at all during the mutiny.

Powers and Abilities

Tsukuri is a skilled mercenary. By using a mix of both her proficient martial arts and swordsmanship, she was able put Batman and later Hawkgirl on the defensive (although the latter two proved victiorious in these encounters). She was also a skilled pilot, able to operate and maneuver a stealth bomber.

This skill easily makes her an ideal candidate to anyone's faction.



  • Some fans tend to mistake her for the DC heroine Katana, due to her skill and appearance.
  • It is unknown why Tsukuri disbanded herself from the Legion of Doom when Luthor usurped Grodd.
  • Some fans tends to tease her and Aresia as sort of a lesbian couple, due to the former's appearance and the latter's attitude towards men.
    • However the show never made any mentions of this relationship at all.
  • Tsukuri is one of the only villains to never get arrested at all for their crimes.
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