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Confrontation-Beast Fox Fist Tsuneki is a fox Beast-Man fighting for Rinjuken Akugata. He is the main antagonist in episode 31 of 2007 TV series called Juken Sentai Gekiranger.

He is voiced by Yasuhiro Takato who previously voiced voiced these monsters of the week and they are JJ Jetton, SS Sutatanzo, a Copy Org, Quotaian Dagonel, Sorcery Priest Meemy and later voiced a Straw Banki, Fandaho of Nonsense, Daiyarl, Mushikagoloid, Debo Vaacance, Jashinger, Demeran Yatmis and Carantula.


Tsuneki made his first appearance on the bridge as everyone ran in fright due to his monstrous appearance. However when Shinichi spots Tsuneki he used his bow and arrow and open fire on the kid until the Gekirangers showed up and blocked the shot.

A while later he was then seen battling the team as he overpowered them. A while later he used Shinichi as a hostage so that way the Gekiranger won't battle him, but guess what he'd got bitten by him leaving Tsuneki open for an attack by GekiViolet. After he fired an arrow into the sky and then leaves the area.

A while later he then open fired on a couple of civilians as they're scream were sent to this dome-like bomb once everyone are screaming in anguish the barrier shall explode. So if they want to escape the dimension they have to beat Tsuneki. After that he used his technique and de-transformed the duo. So Shen holds off Tsuneki while Shinichi and Jan escapes the area.

A while later Tsuneki found the duo at the warehouse and open fired on the kid and Jan. Thankfully Ken managed to save them from certain doom. After that all three of them escaped the warehouse while Tsuneki screamed in frustration.

A while later Tsuneki was searching for them in an underground parking lot, so they two revealed themselves as they transformed and used Shinichi's plan to defeat Tsuneki which is for the GekiChopper to use the Super SaiBlade and take GekiRed's Extreme Ki into his body allowed them to defeat Tsuneki with this finisher called Sharper Savage Slash thus negating the barrier before it exploded.

However Tsuneki manages to enlarged himself prompting the team to bring out GekiElephantFire and GekiTohjaWolf to battle him. After that he was then destroyed when GekiElephantFire used the ball like a basketball as it crushes him.

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