The Tubaloid 2 (voiced by Junichi Suwabe) is a tuba-themed Metaloid and is the main antagonist in episode 14 of 2012 TV series called Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.


He was created by Enter with the "roar ver 2" Metavirus to confront the Go-Busters in one of Enter's plans, by hitting the marked Go-Busters with his sound waves, which damaged the gear of Red Buster and Blue Buster.

Tubaloid 2, like it's predecessor, usually attacks with a burst of sound from the horn on his left shoulder, as well as bullets from the tubes that function as his right fingers.

He managed to kidnap Yellow Buster right when she needed to recharge, and tried to ransom the Busters that either they let the incoming MegaZord arrive safely and suck up Enetron, or she would be slain. The male Busters managed to free Yoko thanks to Hiromu impersonating Enter long enough for the Busters to get close.

After a short battle, the Tubaloid 2 suffers the same death as Tubaloid 1 suffered: a shot from the Ichigan Buster in Special Buster Mode from all three Busters.

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