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Tubbs is an unusually large Memberberry and an antagonist in the 20th season of South Park.


Along with four other Memberberries, Tubbs planted a Memberberry named Mickey in Caitlyn Jenner's drink to ensure she and Mr. Garrison would stay committed to getting elected president. Tubbs and the others later reported to Don Memberberry that their mission was a success, with the Don ordering them all drinks as a reward.

Tubbs, along with the other Memberberries, attended a party at the White House. He and his four companions at some point entered the Oval Office. Don Memberberry also entered the Office later on. When the Don asked who was in charge, Tubbs, along with the other four, pointed to the memberberry to his left. However, the Don pulled out a revolver and shot the Memberberry, stating he was in charge.