"Every maladjust has a reason. Lucky for me you're an incompetent maladjust." ~ Buffy sums up her opinion of Tucker

Tucker Wells was the chief antagonist of the Buffy episode "The Prom" and was a mentally disturbed young man who plotted the deaths of his fellow students for no reason other than the fact he couldn't get a date to the prom - his plans were put to a stop by the Slayer and the school prom went ahead without a massacre..


Tucker Wells was the older brother of Andrew Wells, a student of Sunnydale High - he was not a popular individual and took to raising a small pack of Hellhounds in his home, feeding the demons cow brains while also brainwashing them into hating formal wear by forcing them to watch endless re-runs of prom-related movies: on the eve of the prom Tucker unleashed his demonic minions with the hopes they would massacre the students at the prom in revenge for him being rejected.

However Tucker's first Hellhound was quickly disposed of by Buffy, who proceeded to trace Tucker down and tied him up to prevent him causing more trouble (Buffy had a strict no-kill policy when it came to humans) - the Slayer then proceeded to hunt down and kill the remaining Hellhounds and Tucker's plan was completely foiled.

The fate of Tucker following these events is a complete mystery as the character faded into obscurity following this episode - being replaced by his brother Andrew, who would become a major antagonist and later ally to both the Sunnydale crew and Angel.

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