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Tulip is an antagonist from Courage the Cowardly Dog. She is an alien girl from planet Eck who appears in the episode "Tulip's Worm".

She was voiced by Kath Soucie.


Tulip is a proportionally large and thin alien girl from a far distant planet Tulip who speaks with a British accent and her personality is like that of a typical young female Earthling. She has copenhagen blue skin, wears a black dress and shoes, and has tulips growing out of her long white hair which is tied into two braids. She also wears lime green lipstick and a brown bandage on her right index finger (which Courage ripped off). Her eyes are orange in color with yellow sclera.

She loves her pet worm and her teddy bears, very much although yet she likes to get new pets.

Her monstrously large worm pet by Earth standards, escaped to the planet Earth, and she sent her two teddy bears to find it.

The teddies and Muriel are eaten by the worm, and Courage is instructed by the teddies to take the worm back to Tulip, who would be able to rescue them. Upon flying the worm in a saucer, apparently a toy saucer, back to Tulip's homeworld, and Tulip herself is determined to rescue the teddies from inside the worm, though is dismayed to find that they are too far into his digestive tract to be squeezed out.

Courage goes in and rescues the teddies and Muriel, by making the worm regurgitate them via the use of a peanut butter, jam, and vinegar sandwich; Tulip is overjoyed, and wishes to keep Courage and Muriel as new pets. Courage and Muriel escape in the toy saucer, much to Tulip's annoyance, as she continuously calls "Naughty pets!" after them, and stamps her foot in a childish fashion when they leave the planet. It is assumed that the planet is nearby Earth and the inhabitants are proportionally large blue humanoid aliens with tulips sticking out of their hair.


  • She is one of Kath Soucie's very few anti-villainous roles.
  • Despite being a villain, she is ultimately the most harmless and least villainous enemy of Courage's since she has the mindset of a little girl.
  • While she technically isn't evil, she is something of a villain from Muriel and Courage's perspective.


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