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No. Not K.O. Turbo K.O. T.K.O. for short.
~ T.K.O. introducing himself.
You think you'll ever be a hero without me? Heh, heh. Face it K.O.. I'm stronger! Faster! And if we're being real, cooler than you! Fact is, you need me. Now get up and get back to your cage, faker!
~ T.K.O. fighting K.O.

Turbo Kaio Kincaid., or T.K.O. for short, is a recurring antagonist in the 2017 Cartoon Network series OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes. He is the sentient concentration of K.O.'s anger and frustration as well as his greatest fear. He serves a major antagonist in the mid-Season 1 finale, the anti-hero in Season 2, and one of the two final antagonists (alongside Shadowy Venomous) of Season 3.

He was voiced by Courtenay Taylor, who also voiced Jack in Mas Effect and Starla Gutsmandottir in Regular Show.


T.K.O. takes on a relatively similar appearance to K.O., however, there were a few key differences. He lacks K.O.'s notable red headband causing his hair to flow over his back and purple spiked wristbands take the place of his regular red wristbands. He also has two fangs and other sharp teeth which are almost always visible and a single snaggle-tooth when his mouth is closed. Additionally, he later had dark purple eyeshadow and started wearing his mom's eyeliner.

In "T.K.O.'s House", inside K.O.'s mindspace, he had a black nail polish on his hands and also he was wearing a black Pentagram shirt (recently in "Dark Plaza", his shirt was no longer having a Pentagram symbol, due to religion sensitivity of that symbol), making him more of a Goth kid.

But in "Carl", he returned with the same outfit which K.O. regularly wears in his debut and Season 1 finale.

In OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes game, T.K.O. is K.O.’s 'Powie Zowie' and is shown for the first time coexisting alongside K.O. in the physical world. His outfit is nearly similar to K.O.'s regular outfit (still without his headband) with black and gray color schemes, but he is no longer wearing a tank top and albeit his wristbands have no spikes, they have only seen on his leg warmers during the peak of his anger, unlike his appearance in the series.


T.K.O. is the exact opposite of K.O. he is a bitter, selfish, and violent person, and when K.O. turned into T.K.O., he became angsty and mean. He was contemptuous at best of others around him when in a better mood to the point where even Enid disliked his attitude and Rad referred to him as "lame". T.K.O. showed a desire not for friendship or family, but pure destruction, chaos, and power. He tends to ignore others when they're trying to talk to him and showed no care when damaging physical property. T.K.O. was shown to hate compliments and affection, seeing it as people pitying him and looking at him as a weakling.

Unlike K.O., T.K.O. showed no mercy to anyone when fighting, especially his own friends and family; he even acted this way towards his friends and boss as he sassed them sarcastically, especially while casually destroying the plaza. T.K.O. has shown himself to have no qualms about attacking those his regular form considers close to him, in which it was K.O. as his other side taking back control that stopped him from hurting and possibly nearly killing his own mom.

As revealed in the episode "You're in Control", T.K.O. wants to fight. He hates being in the mental prison that K.O. has him in when he is inactive, but with the recent deal he has made with K.O., they have reached a sort of compromise, which T.K.O. seems to be accepting of, to which he sternly replies "NO TAKE BACKS".

T.K.O. could have simply wanted an outlet for his aggression which makes sense as he is K.O.'s anger, fear, and inferiority rolled into a massively powerful entity.

From the events of "T.K.O.'s House", T.K.O. has shown to be just nicer to K.O. and even combined with him in perfect togetherness. Also in the same episode, it appears that his intellect may be greater than K.O.'s as he was able to deduce that Shadowy Figure was lying to them about just wanting glorbs.

However, after "TKO Rules!", they have no longer have a sibling-like relationship when K.O. abandoned him back to his subconscious as a punishment in his wrong-doings while K.O. was cleaning T.K.O.'s house.

In "Carl", T.K.O. escapes and pushes K.O. into his own subconscious as revenge from before, saying "Goodbye Forever, K.O.!", and becomes a villain yet again after teaming up with Shadowy Figure/Shadowy Venomous.


Season 1

In "Face Your Fears", in order to help Mr. Gar face his fear of Laserblast, K.O. decides to summon a "powerful villain" and unleashes a dark purple blob that takes his form. When asked by Enid, K.O. describes the blob as being what came out of him last time he played the Face of Fear game, guessing that what ever it is must be his greatest fear. After the blob destroys Laserblast, K.O. lets it back into his brain, stating that he'll see it again in his nightmares. This foreshadows T.K.O.'s full appearance in "T.K.O.".

In "T.K.O.", after feeling weak, unappreciated and not respected by Enid, Rad and Mr. Gar, K.O. decides to take a shortcut to power offered by a robed man called "Shadowy Figure". In the woods, Shadowy Figure then explains that, in order to become powerful, K.O. must harness his anger and hatred. While this initially fails, K.O. grows even more frustrated and is able to unleash and grow his anger to the point where it takes over his body and imprisons his real personality. As Enid, Rad and Gar's Bodega are about to be destroyed by a blast from Mega Darrell, K.O. arrives and destroys him in a single strike. When Enid congratulates K.O. for saving them, he states that he now referrers to himself as Turbo K.O., or T.K.O. for short.

The next day, while Carol is driving T.K.O. to work, she states that they should talk about his new form, only to be ignored. In Gar's Bodega, T.K.O. mops the floor in a lazy and uninterested fashion and refuses to acknowledge his friends, making Enid and Rad realize that their is something off about him. The two then try to make K.O. happy, however, when Enid calls T.K.O. "cute", he snaps and challenges them to a Power Battle. T.K.O. then attacks his coworkers, punching Rad out of the store and into orbit and chasing Enid on to the roof. Rad, having fallen back to Earth and nearly broken his skeleton, attempts to stall T.K.O. while Enid formulates a plan, although T.K.O. breaks through his telekinetic hold and slams him into the pavement. Enid then summons Carol, who attempts to talk T.K.O. down, however, T.K.O. only gets angrier and smashes the sign to the Bodega. Mr. Gar then arrives and, being coaxed by Carol, reveals that he truly values K.O. as both a hero and an employee, although T.K.O. only gets more frustrated, stating that Gar's compliments no longer have any meaning to him. T.K.O., now angrier than ever, unleashes a powerful energy wave that knocks everyone to the ground. As T.K.O. prepares to strike Carol, he punches himself in the face and is sucked into his mind.

In his mind, K.O. reveals that he had escaped his imprisonment and begins fighting with his dark self. Before long, T.K.O. begins beating down on K.O., stating that he will never be a hero without him and that he is superior to him in every way. K.O., remembering what his mother had taught him about the path to power, forgets his anger and focuses, managing to avoid T.K.O.'s attacks, re-imprison him and take control of his body again.

In "Stop Attacking the Plaza", K.O., Rad, Enid and Teamster are seen cleaning up the aftermath of T.K.O.'s rampage, all while they are unknowingly watched by Lord Boxman.

In "Let's Have a Stakeout", after seeing Shadowy Figure in a security video, K.O. recalls how he manipulated him into becoming T.K.O. and nearly destroying the Plaza. Later, while K.O. is fighting with Shadowy Figure, Shadowy Figure taunts and insults K.O. for being weak, disobeying Mr. Gar and allowing him to steal the Glorbs from the temple, resulting in K.O. unleashing his anger and beginning to transform into T.K.O. However, before he can transform, K.O. depowers himself, refusing to give into his anger and give Shadowy Figure what he wants.

In "KO's Video Channel", while Enid and Rad are watching the videos on K.O.'s channel, it is shown that T.K.O. made a video in which he expresses his frustration at nobody understanding him. When T.K.O. starts yelling at Carol for interrupting the video, Enid opts to skip it entirely, stating that it got "too real".

In "Mystery Science Fair 201X", upon seeing Shadowy Figure's POW Card, Dendy begins to ask K.O. about his "turbonic form", becoming interested. After Ms. Quantum commands her students to have a project ready for the science fair the next day, Dendy tells K.O. that, for their project, she plans on unleashing T.K.O. in order to discover what triggers K.O.'s transformation. Although reluctant at first, K.O. agrees to the task, and Dendy takes them both to her secret lab in the school, where she puts K.O. through a series of physically grueling tasks while measuring how close he is to transforming, making no progress. While the two are eating pizza together, K.O. becomes frustrated with the olives on his pizza, and Dendy realizes that a variety of emotions and the feeling powerlessness are what makes him transform.

With this in mind, Dendy gets K.O. to play a videogame simulation in which Enid, Rad and Mr. Gar are trapped in a plasma fire with only time for him to save one of his friends, leaving K.O. emotionally devastated. Because of this, K.O. transforms into T.K.O. and, after smashing through Dendy's emergency containment unit, begins wrecking her entire lab, before sadistically preparing to destroy her first and most precious experiment. Dendy soon realizes how horribly she had treated K.O. and apologizes, which ends up taking away T.K.O.'s power. Dendy saves T.K.O. from falling, leaving her first experiment to be destroyed, and asks for forgiveness, transforming T.K.O. back into K.O.. K.O. forgives Dendy and states that he had slightly more control over T.K.O. this time, suggesting that they continue studying his transformation in the future.

In "You're in Control", Dendy tries to help K.O. try to control T.K.O.'s abilities, however, their experiment is unsuccessful and Dendy steps in to comfort her friend before his transformation is unleashed. Having witnessed this, Enid and Rad step in and berate Dendy and K.O. for trying to unleash T.K.O., not understanding what they were really doing, although this is interrupted when Boxman Jr. begins assaulting the Plaza. When the super robot proves to be too powerful, K.O. decides that summoning T.K.O. is the only way he can defeat it. Inside his head, K.O. lets T.K.O. out of his cage, and he begins attacking K.O. for keeping him locked up. When K.O. explains that he needs him to defeat Boxman Jr., T.K.O. gleefully takes over his body and locks him away.

T.K.O. engages Boxman Jr. and proves to be a match for him, although, to K.O.'s surprise, he takes the fight to Boxmore itself instead of stopping when Jr. is knocked away. T.K.O. and Boxman Jr. continue to fight and smash their way through Boxmore and its robots, while they are watched by Lord Boxman and his other children. The two break their way into Boxman's secret lab, where T.K.O. swallows a bunch of harvested glorbs, which empower him. T.K.O. and Boxman Jr.'s fight rages on and ends up endangering Rad and Enid when they arrive at Boxmore to help, and K.O. begs T.K.O. to stop, as he is just hurting his friends again instead of helping. To stop the fight before it destroys the entire factory, Dendy, Enid and Rad jump in and tell T.K.O. that he is loved and appreciated, taking away his powers.

Back in K.O.'s head, he tells T.K.O. to let him harness his powers so he can defeat Boxman Jr., and that he'll get whatever he wants if he complies. T.K.O. states that the only thing he wants is to keep fighting, and K.O. gets the inspiration to get rid of the cage entirely, replacing it with a punching bag that T.K.O. can use whenever he wants. T.K.O. is satisfied with the deal and allows K.O. to have access to all of his powers, cryptically stating that there are "no take backs". With T.K.O.'s abilities under his control, K.O. successfully destroys Boxman Jr., leading to him becoming a Level 1 hero, and Darrell usurping control of Boxmore from Lord Boxman.

Season 2

Season 3

Powers and Abilities

Turbo K.O. exhibiting his powers.

  • Superhuman Strength: T.K.O. is immensely strong, quite possibly the strongest character in the series seen so far. At a base level, he is powerful enough to destroy both Mr. Gar's fear of Laserblast and Mega Darrel in a single blow, both of which being far more powerful that K.O. himself. Additionally, the angrier T.K.O. gets, the stronger he will become. While how strong he can get is unknown, at best, he was able to single-handedly beat Enid, Rad, A Real Magic Skeleton, Brandon, Carol, and Mr. Gar all at once.
  • High Combat Proficiency: T.K.O. is an incredibly skilled fighter, being able to keep up with and surpass foes who had arguably more combat experience and were better at forming combat strategies. He is also shown to be a match for K.O. when the two fight, blocking and countering almost all of his attacks blow for blow.
  • Electrokinesis: T.K.O. can generate electricity from the palms of his hands and use it to both attack and lift himself into the air.
  • Ergokinesis: T.K.O. can fire extremely powerful blasts of energy from his hands. Once he becomes mad enough, he can unleash incredibly powerful energy waves that can knock even Mr. Gar and Carol, two of the most powerful fighters in the series, to their knees.
  • Teleportation: Inside K.O.'s mind, T.K.O. had the ability to teleport short distances.

List of People he killed in "Let's Fight to the End"






Lord Boxman






Proffesor Venomous

Shadowy Figure (Turbo form of Venomous)

Shadowy Venomous









Red Action

Mr. Logic

Dynamite Wakins


Powio (confirmed in "Let's Fight to the End" and "Thank You for Watching the Show")


A Real Magic Skeleton




K.O.'s classmates


  • T.K.O.'s rage based strength is likely a parody of/homage to various rage based transformations seen in multiple anime and video games.
  • T.K.O. is also considered to be a combination of the Incredible Hulk and the Super Saiyan transformation from Dragon Ball Z.
  • In "Mystery Science Fair 201X", T.K.O. hints about slightly caring for K.O. when he angrily berates Dendy for treating K.O. like a lab rat.
  • Like his father, T.K.O. was born from K.O.'s feeling of Powerlessness.


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