Turnball Root is a major antagonist in the Artemis Fowl Series by Eoin Colfer. He serves as the main antagonist in The Artemis Fowl Files and Artemis Fowl:The Atlantis Complex. He is the brother of LEP commander Julius Root.


Early life

Turball Root was a captain of the LEP. He was also simultaneosly a criminal. At some point, Turnball and his minions stumbled across a female human pilot named Leonore Carsby. He fell in love with her and used the mesmer to control her. He told her he was a revolutionary fighting against a corrupt system. He kept Leonore safe in hiding.

Turnball, in order to kill a competitor, tried to flood half of Haven City, which would have killed thousands. His plan was stopped, and he was forced to flee from his own brother, Julius.

Holly's Initiation

Turnball attempted to kill Julius by attacking him during Holly Short's LEP initiation. He got the location by torturing an LEP officer. He ambushed them and forced Julius and Trouble Kelp to enter a human building which took away their power. However, Holly managed to tear the roof off of the building, negating its status as a human dwelling. Julius was able to escape and arrest Turnball, who was imprisoned in Atlantis.

Turnball's Escape

Turnball planned to escape prison and restore youth to his elderly wife. He started by using dark magic ruins to control a guard named Vishby. He gave up names of his previous criminal contacts to the prison warden in order to get supplies.

He hacked into Foaly's Martian Probe, causing it to attack a meeting between Artemis and the LEP. Several people were killed, including Commander Vinyaya. He directed the probe to Atlantis. He hoped that when N°1 came to help heal everyone, he could capture the demon. Atlantis was evacuated, including the prison. As the prison was evacuated, Turnball and several of his minions escaped, but he left Vishby to die. 

Turnball captured Artemis, Foaly, Butler, Juliet, Holly, and Mulch. He placed a rune on Holly and Artemis and ordered Holly to capture N°1. Mulch helped the group escape, and they attacked Turnball in his shuttle. Artemis, who had been taken over by his alter-ego Orion, was able to override the rune and defeat Turnball. 

Turnball was confronted by Leonore, who knew what he was, and wanted to pilot the shuttle away, as it was rigged to explode. Turnball decided to go with his wife to die.


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