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Turner Grey is the overarching antagonist and victim of the second case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All. He was a corrupt doctor who was killed by Mimi Miney and Morgan Fey during an attempted spirit channeling.


Turner Grey was notoriously abusive, overworking his employees to the point of exhaustion. Mimi Miney inadvertently mixed up medication for fourteen patients, killing them all, partially because of Grey's unfair work hours. In a desperate attempt to divert the blame, Grey distanced himself from the controversy and announced that Mimi was solely responsible for what had happened.

Mimi and Ini were driving home one day when Mimi, who was drugged, crashed the car, killing her sister. It was heavily implied that Grey was the one who drugged Mimi to stop her from talking about his involvement in the deaths of the patients. Unknown to Grey, Mimi actually survived, taking her sister's identity to try and start a new life where she wasn't seen as being responsible for several deaths.

Grey approached Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey, demanding they take him to a spirt channeling so he could get Mimi to confess to her involvement. During the spirit channeling, Grey was murdered by Mimi to stop him from finding out that she was still alive. Morgan Fey assisted in pinning the blame on Maya Fey and setting up the crime scene to remove anything proving otherwise.


Turner Grey was a thoroughly unlikeable person. He complained and belittled everyone and everything, and was rude and obnoxious even to those who were trying to help him. His employees hated him and even Phoenix and Maya couldn't stand him. Mimi felt no remorse in killing him, as she believed he had tried to ruin her life and she suspected him of her sister's death.

If anything, Turner Grey was more evil than Mimi. His plan in bringing a gun to threaten the spirit to confess was not only idiotic, but it also put Maya Fey at risk, as any injury that "Mimi" acquired would have stayed on Maya.


  • Turner Grey is the first villainous victim in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All.


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