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The Turntable Gomoryu is a minor antagonist in 2020 TV series Mashin Sentai Kiramager, being the main antagonist of the thirty-sixth episode. It is a turntable-themed Gomoryu-typed Jamen Beast and a minion of Yodonheim.


The Turntable Gomoryu made its first appearance after the sudden defeat of a rap off between Carantula and Juru. As shown more closely Carantula can be seen riding this here Jamen Beast as a horse. With Carantula commanding the Turntable Gomoryu it annihilated the stage area with a just blast from one of its abilities sending the team towards the harbor as flying debris from the destruction of the stage came raining toward them, but thankfully Mashin Fire came to shield his comrades from this destruction.

Even one mashin can't handle on its own against this Turntable Gomoryu, but thankfully the rest of the Mashin arrived and they brought out Kiramazin, GigantDriller, King Express Zabyun and Grateful Phoenix as they battle against Carantula and his Turntable Gomoryu.

With the music began to play the Turntable Gomoryu used its other ability as it headbutts four mecha. Thankfully both Duston and Lifton arrived as Duston used his sucking power to bring in the Turntable Gomoryu and its bling then it got jabbed, whacked and blasted. With that done the Turntable Gomoryu is about to open fire on the Kiramazin, but Mashin Carry arrived/transformed into shield to direct the blast to Grateful Phoenix then to King Express Zabyun and finally to GigantDriller where he sends straight back at the Turntable Gomoryu as it nearly knocks Carantula off of his ride.

However Carantula wasn't about to lose the fight against the team so the Turntable Gomoryu split itself into three and opens fire at the team around the same time they used their finisher known as Grateful Go Arrow as it penetrates the soundwaves and destroying the Turntable Gomoryu as well as supposedly the "death" of Carantula.


  • The Turntable Gomoryu is the first Jamen Beast to have a general (i.e. Carantula) to be riding it.


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