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Tusks (Jap.: イウゾウたち, Iu Zō-tachi) are a race of mechanical elephant-like enemies that first appeared in the Nintendo Game Cube title Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. During the events of the game these robotic elephants were one of the many enemies in service to the evil Kong Kings and Ghastly King, who tried to impede Donkey Kong's attempts to free the Fruit Kingdoms. It is unknown if these mechanical creatures were actually in service to the evil kings of their own free will (or were created by them) or if they, much like the other Fruit Kingdom inhabitants were actually under Ghastly King's evil control.


Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The standard enemy Tusks are stationary enemies that behave much like cannons, shooting cannonballs in a single direction in a vain attempt to hit Donkey Kong. Enemy Tusks appear to be mostly made out of a dark green metal, but appear to be indestructible, also on occasion they may be aided by Blue Ninjapes who will throw shurikens while the Tusk fires cannonballs, making them a very effective team. The large and powerful Tusk kings are capable of far more destructive power as they use large cannonballs. They also come in three varieties consisting of stone, wood and metal body structures, however they are not indestructible like their smaller counterparts, as when they are damaged their "heart" is exposed which is their primary weak-spot and too much damage to it will cause them to self-destruct.

Super Smash Bros. series

A boss enshrined upon a cliff in the Apple Kingdom. This creature gathers its breath and launches bombs from its nose. The trick is to throw pineapple-shaped bombs into its nose when it's inhaling to blow it up from the inside. For all its austerity, the Turret Tusk is actually quite stupid.
~ Turret Tusk’s trophy description in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the player can obtain a trophy of Turret Tusk, the first Tusk boss Donkey Kong has to defeat in the Apple Kingdom. However, the Tusk depicted in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is not Turret Tusk, but one of the Double Tusks. According to the trophy's description, the Tusks are in fact a very unintelligent species.

Notable Tusks



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