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Tuurngait Infected, also known as "The Infected", are the most common enemies in Penumbra: Black Plague. In layman's terms, they are re-animated human corpses. This does not mean that they're merely zombies. The Tuurngait Infected are far more intelligent and mentally "connected".


While they commonly vocalize through guttural growls and whines, they are actually capable of speaking. Whenever in the same vicinity as Philip, they can be heard saying things such as "Is someone there?", "Who there?", "Something isn't right." and "Nothing." along with other words that are harder to make out.

The Infected do not run purely on instinct and are fairly intelligent. They are all connected to each other through a central mind. To them there is no such thing as an "individual", with the exception of Clarence, who was killed after becoming an individual.

Infected are controlled and maintained by one Mind known as The Hive Mind. The Hive Mind is a spirit just like in an Inuit Mythology, The Hive Mind connects every infected in The Shelter and they worship the spirit as seen in the Tuurngait Tomb door picture.

Infected can carry up to two items at maximum in their hands. These are items they can carry: Flashlights, Crowbars, and Axes.


The Infected prowl the map's hallways and will chase Philip on sight. It isn't hard to be aware of their presence, an example being in darker areas, where they're carrying flashlights. If you do end up being noticed by an Infected, the most important thing to do is to run away. Running is the best and only way to handle an Infected, with the exception of two moments in Black Plague. The first moment being where you need to lure an Infected into a room and then trap it.


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