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That's your problem, Lhikan, always following the rules. Always worrying about others. Did you ever think we could do more good if we stopped worrying so much about who might get hurt in the process?
~ Tuyet to Lhikan.
I don't care about who i am! I care about who i will become!
~ Tuyet to Lhikan.

Tuyet is the antagonist that appeared in the BIONICLE series. She was the Toa of Water who once served as the member of the Toa Mangai until she became corrupted and insane due to the power of her Nui Stone, thus prompting her to  betray her fellow Toa Mangai until she was defeated by Lhikan; the leader of the team and Nidhiki; the Toa of Air who later betrayed the team and became a Dark Hunter and was imprisoned in the Pit but disappeared shortly after. 

She also serves as the main antagonist in the story serial; Dark Mirror as in the story, she became the leader of the Toa Empire and start to oppress her enemies in order to "protect" the Matoran Universe in the alternate dimension.


Tuyet was a blue Toa of Water. Her body was fitted with several dark blue armors and also wore the dark blue Mask of Intangibility with two pairs of red eyes.


Early life

Not much was known of Tuyet's past, but she once lived on an unnamed island where the Nui Stone was held. Desiring the stone for herself, she stole it and later took it with her when she was recruited into Lhikan's Toa Mangai team. However, the Dark Hunters were also after the Nui Stone as well and followed her there.

Metru Nui

After the arrival in Metru Nui, Tuyet and the rest of the team were made to become the protecters of Metru Nui by Turaga Dume.

Dark Mirror

In the alternate universe, Tuyet at first was the member of the Toa Mangai like her counterpart of the main universe until she revealed her betrayal. However instead of helping Lhikan to stop her, he defected towards her side and they killed Lhikan, thus keeping her murders a secret. The two Toa then assembled the other Toa and formed the Toa Empire to rule the Matoran Universe through force and keep the peace. Tuyet then became the leader of the new Toa Empire, and with the Nui stone, she then controlled the powers of various Toa.

When Tuyet declared that the Brotherhood of Makuta and Dark Hunters as the threat to the universe, she ordered their deaths though only the few survived.


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