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The Twelve Kizuki (in Japanese: 十二鬼月, Jūnikizuki), also known as the Twelve Demon Moons, is the main antagonistic faction of the manga/anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. They are a group of the twelve most powerful Demons, that serve directly under Muzan Kibutsuji's command, who all were given a portion of his blood which have augmented their powers.

The Twelve Kizuki are divided into two groups, the Upper Ranks and the Lower Ranks. Each has their number engraved into their eye, with the Lower members having it in only one (as well as the Upper Rank Nakime because she has only a single eye as a Demon), whereas Upper members have it in both. The members of the Twelve Kizuki are fluctuated, and Muzan can replace them or even kill them once he thinks it's necessary, or they are no longer useful to him.



Upper Ranks

The Upper Ranks each possess a level of power that far surpasses that of the Lower Ranks; as proof of their strength, the strongest of the Demon Slayer Corps, the Hashira, have killed numerous Lower Ranks over the years, while the Upper Ranks have killed and eaten many very powerful Hashira. Kagaya Ubuyashiki, Muzan, and Enmu stated that it had been a hundred years since an Upper Rank has been killed until the subsequent defeat of Gyutaro and Daki. While the Lower Ranks have been replaced countless times, the Upper Ranks did not change over the course of over a 100 years.

Immediately following the deaths of Gyutaro and Daki (Both Upper Rank Six), Muzan Kibutsuji summoned the remaining members of the Upper Ranks and gave Hantengu and Gyokko (Upper Ranks Four & Five, respectively) a mission to exterminate the Swordsmith's Village, to reduce the power of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Hantengu witnessed (before dying) Nezuko standing in the sun and telling Muzan. This shifted Muzan's main interest in devouring Nezuko to conquer the sun and become truly immortal.

Original Upper Ranks (all deceased)


Lower Ranks (all deceased)

The Lower Ranks are the weaker tier of the Twelve Kizuki, with the Lower Six being the weakest. Among the Lower Ranks, stood the only example of being kicked out of the group by Muzan himself: Kyogai. Kyogai had already reached his "Limit" and could no longer consume human flesh. Therefore, he was gradually losing his appetite for human flesh, thereby beginning to lose the ability to evolve and become stronger. As a result, Muzan deemed Kyogai too weak to remain in his position of Lower Moon Six, so he discarded him. Thus Kyogai began his search for a human with marechi blood (a rare type of blood which could increase a demon's power 100 times more than a normal human), in order to reclaim is rank among the Twelve Kizuki.

After the demise of Kyogai (former Lower Rank Six) and later Rui (Lower Rank Five), Muzan was furious by the Lower Rank's constant failures. He called the remaining lower ranks (Enmu, Rokuro, Wakuraba, Mukago, and Kanamue) to a meeting, rebuking them and believing he no longer needed the Lower Ranks. As a result, Muzan started to kill the Two, Three, Four and Six one by one, as they respectively were begging for Muzan's blood, trying to deny Muzan's opinion and trying to think about flattering his master. Save for Lower Three, Wakuraba who, knowing all of them were going to be killed regardless of what they did, attempted to flee. However Muzan caught and killed him with almost no effort.

Enmu, Lower Rank One, was the only Lower Rank left. However, unlike the others, Enmu showed no fear over the brink of death and even nonchalantly accepted it for pure excitement, as well as having great sadism in witnessing the other lower ranks being killed. Enmu's sadistic streak impressed Muzan, and he sent Enmu for a mission after giving him a large amount of his blood.

After Enmu's death on the Demon Train, Muzan no longer acquired new Lower Ranks and started to use Upper Ranks only, ending the Lower Rank's existence forever.

Latest (all deceased)

  • One - Enmu
  • Two - Rokuro
  • Three - Wakuraba
  • Four - Mukago
  • Five - Rui
  • Six - Kamanue


  • One - Ubume (deceased)
  • Two - Hairo (deceased)
  • Six - Kyogai (deceased)


Upper Ranks

Upper Rank Replacements

Lower Ranks


  • Nakime, Daki, and Mukago are the only known members of the Twelve Kizuki who are female.
  • Daki and Gyutaro are the only members who are related to another.
  • Kokushibo and Kaigaku are the only members who were formerly Demon Slayers.
    • They are also the only members who fight with a sword.

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Demon King
Muzan Kibutsuji

Twelve Demon Moons
Original Upper Moons †
One: Kokushibou † | Two: Douma † | Three: Akaza † | Four: Hantengu † | Five: Gyokko † | Six: Daki † & Gyutaro

Replacement Upper Moons †
Four: Nakime † | Six: Kaigaku

Lower Moons †
One: Enmu † | One: Ubume (past) † | Four: Mukago † | Five: Rui † | Six: Kyogai (replaced) † Second: Hairou (past) †

Muzan's Lesser Followers †
Snake Demon † | Susamaru and Yahaba † | Hand Demon † | Swamp Demon † | Spider Family † (Father Spider † | Mother Spider † | Brother Spider † | Sister Spider †)

Tengan Uzui's Father | Iguro Family | Douma's Parents | Kanao Tsuyuri's Parents | Gyutaro and Daki's Mother