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The Twelve Orders are the main antagonists of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders and the Bakugan Dimensions video game. They are a group of Gundalians that serve Barodius, who is the tyrannical ruler of Gundalia. Their goal is to destroy Neathia and steal the Sacred Orb and harness it's power to conquer the universe.


The Twelve Orders reigned over Gundalia and who sought to conquer Neathia. Barodius had been able to rule Gundalia because of his overwhelming strength and special ability to execute battles simultaneously. When Barodius took the throne, he decided to change many of his father's policies, most notably the seeking the Sacred Orb despite his father having feared its power. This act sparked the Neathian-Gundalian War. Bardious wanted to take the scared orb for himself.

Major Members

  • Barodius - He is the former emperor of Gundalia and the leader of the Twelve Orders. Mutated into Mag Mel and later killed.
  • Gill - He is second-in-command of the Twelve Orders and Barodius' right-hand man. Betrayed and killed by Barodius since he got word that he killed Kazarina out of jealousy.
  • Kazarina - She is the sadistic director and chief scientist of the Bakugan Biological Research Center doing experiments on humans and Bakugan. Betrayed and killed by Gill.
  • Airzel - He is captain of the Gundalian Forces and Gill's loyal protege. Betrayed and killed by Barodius.
  • Stoica - He is Airzel's partner and high-ranking general of the Twelve Orders. Betrayed and killed by Dharak.
  • Nurzak - He is the oldest member of the Twelve Orders who wants to overthrow Barodius. Defected to the Battle Brawlers. He became the First Prime Minister of Gundalia.

Minor Members

  • Ren Krawler - He is the Darkus leader of the minor members of the Twelve Orders. Defected to the Battle Brawlers.
  • Sid Arcale - He is the Pyrus brawler of Ren's team. Betrayed and fell to his death.
  • Lena Isis - She is the Aquos brawler of Ren's team. Defected to the Battle Brawlers.
  • Mason Brown - He is the Subterra brawler of Ren's team. Defected to the Battle Brawlers.
  • Zenet Surrow - She is the Haos brawler of Ren's team and the youngest member of the Twelve Orders. Defected to the Battle Brawlers.
  • Jesse Glenn - He is the Ventus brawler of Ren's team. Defected to the Battle Brawlers.


  • The Twelve Orders is the largest major antagonistic group in the Bakugan series.
  • Gill, Kazarina, Airzel and Stoica are the only members who didn't betray Barodius. However, Gill and Airzel betray Barodius in a way, as they plot to murder Kazarina, leaving Kazarina as Stoica are the only members who never betrayed Barodius.
  • They treat their Bakugan better than the Vexos did.


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