Twigo is an apprentice Holy Knight and the first villain encountered in the anime series Seven Deadly Sins.


After Elizabeth told Meliodas that she was looking for the Seven Deadly Sins, Twigo appeared before them and slashed the cliff that they were standing on, causing them to fall. He then confirmed that they were dead, but the other knights told him that one of them, Alioni, also fell down the cliff, making Twigo state that he was dead as well. This shocked the Holy Knights, warning him that it's beyond him, but Twigo threatened to kill them. Just then, Meliodas appeared before them, along with Elizabeth and Alioni, shocking Twigo. He then noticed the earring on Elizabeth and soon recognized her as a princess. He then began his attack on her, but Meliodas intervened and defended Elizabeth. While Twigo was fighting Meliodas, Alioni regained consciousness and told the Holy Knights about a Scar on Meliodas' arm, revealing him to be a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas soon defeated Twigo with ease, destroying his armor in the process.

Later in the series, he and Jericho were brought before Hendrickson and were offered to drink demon's blood to gain new powers. Twigo soon remember the time when Meliodas defeated him, so he took the opportunity. However, the demon's blood overwhelmed Twigo, causing his body to swell and explode, killing Twigo.


Twigo is an arrogant knight who doesn't care about others but himself, as he didn't care about killing the princess or the fact that Alioni fell down the cliff. He is also shown to be very determined, as he wanted to get power after his defeat of Meliodas, making him drink demon blood that killed him.


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