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The Twin Warriors, also known as Axe and Sword, are generals in the Vizier's army and supporting antagonists in the videogame Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.


The Twin Warriors were a pair of warriors that the Vizier recruited as generals in his new army. They accompanied him in his assault on Babylon and appeared alongside their master's other generals, Mahasti and Klompa when the Prince attempted to stop the Vizier from killing Kaileena and unleashing the Sands of Time. After the sands were unleashed, they corrupted the Twin Warriors, along with the other generals, transforming them into Sand Monsters. During the Prince's journey, Axe locked him in a burning workshop in an attempt to finish him off. However he escaped, saving a number of citizens, and pursued Axe on a chariot, eventually facing off against him and Sword in a ring of fire. The Prince succeeded in finishing off Sword, but collapsed due to his wounds. Wounded and enraged, Axe attempted to finish him off but Farah shot him with one of her arrows, saving the Prince.


The Twin Warriors fight as an unstoppable team with Axe utilizing impenetrable defense and a large axe and Sword attacking with highly powerful strikes and wielding a large sword. The Sands of Time's corruption grants the Twin Warriors' greater physical abilities, increasing their deadliness.

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