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I want to see some dead goblins! Just west of here you'll find a whole warren of those little insects burrowing into the mountain.
~ Twinbraid ordering the Alliance player to kill goblin civilians out of his racism.

Twinbraid is a villainous member of the the Alliance who is guilty of many crimes. He is the self righteous general of Bael'Dun and later the High Marshall of the Alliance.


World of Warcraft Classic

The Stonespire tribe were a tribe of tauren that had lived in their lands in the Barrens for hundreds of years and the land was holy to them. Yet one day, an Alliance expedition of Dwarves, affiliated with the Explorer's League and led by General Twinbraid, came to the land. The dwarves believed that valuable treasure and artifacts lay within the land of the Stonespire tribe.

Uncaring about the natives wellbeing and dismissing them as inferior beasts, the Bael'dun dwarves started to tear up the Stonespire's sacred land with destructive machines and dangerous explosives. When the tauren protested and tried to reach a diplomatic solution, the dwarves used this as an excuse to use their military forces and launch a massive attack on the Stonespire tauren.

The Stonespire village and the tribe within it was destroyed in a massacre; not even young and elderly civilians spared. The few tauren survivors were forced into the wilderness as the Dwarves took their land.

General Twinbraid would then erect a giant military fortress and fortify his forces; a journal from Khazgorm, one of his subordinates, revealed the Dwarves intention to use their fortress as a staging ground for attacks against the Horde.


Twinbraid continued his military operations and sent Wildhammer mercenaries to help firebomb Taurajo. Meanwhile, Twinbraid's son, Marley, a military scout who shared his father's bigoted beliefs, took to killing tauren when they came to stop the dwarves of Bael'dun from pillaging tauren land and attacking Horde citizens. Gann Stonespire, one of the few survivors of Bael'dun's massacre against the Stonespire tauren, joined forces with Weezil, a sympathetic goblin mercenary, and the Horde player to stop Bael'dun from killing more people and avenge the Stonespire tribe by sabotaging a shell for Bael'dun's superweapon, a giant cannon built into the fortress.

When Twinbraid's men tried to fire the cannon, the sabotaged shell ended up causing the cannon to explode, taking the Bael'dun fortress and Bael modan with it, Marley was caught in the explosion whilst flying his plane, causing him to crash and die, however his father survived due to being an outside camp. Upon learning of his son's death, rather then realize his numerous atrocities caused this, and the death of his son was still much less then his victims losing their entire tribe and home, Twinbraid acted like he had done nothing wrong and claimed his victims took things too far and made the conflict personal.

Twinbraid decided he wanted to see dead goblins as one, Weezil was involved in blowing up Bael modan. Twinbraid compared the goblin race to insects and expressed his desire to wipe their race off Azeroth. Being dishonorable as well as a coward, Twinbraid chose to send the Alliance player to kill Goblin civilians at a nearby mine, killing the goblin miners and waitresses serving the miners, then collapsing the mine in a terrorist attack.

Mists of Pandaria

Either because his crimes were ignored or condoned, Twinbraid was promoted to High Marshall of the Alliance. He took part in the Alliance's defense of Lion Landing, relishing the chance to kill members of the Horde. Looking for more people to blame, Twinbraid was now claiming Bloodhilt, a random orc general, was one of those responsible his son's death.

Later Horde players were sent to fight Twinbraid, the dwarf ever hypocritical accused the Horde of being monsters, claimed he did nothing wrong, that destroying his cannon and killing his soldiers were unforgivable atrocities worthy of everlasting hatred against their races. Despite using guns and various tactics, Twinbraid was slain, calling the Horde players monsters in his dying breath.


Throughout his appearances, Twinbraid shows himself as a heartless supremacist firmly convinced of the righteousness of his actions and superiority of his people over what he viewed as savages, regardless of his own countless heartless crimes against the Horde. Twinbraid held no remorse for his crimes against the native tauren nor the orcs and goblins. He hypocritically called them warlike pigs and delusionally claimed he and his army were the victims of the Horde.

Twinbraid also showed himself as a dishonorable coward as when his soldier son was killed by a tauren survivor of Twinbraid's massacre of the Stonespire tribe, Twinbraid vowed vengeance on the Horde, but rather then fight the Horde outright, Twinbraid decided to massacre a bunch of helpless goblin miners and dancers because they were an easy target.

His hypocrisy could further be seen in his journal where he expressed zero remorse for his crimes, claimed the Horde took innocent lives and that killing members of the Horde would prevent further innocent deaths; all this was from a dwarf who built his career on murdering tauren and goblin civilians, young and old included, who all had grieving families.


  • Curiously Wrathion, the questgiver who sends the Horde player to kill Twinbraid, makes no mention of the dwarf's many atrocities.


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