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They threw this away? But it's so SHINY!
~ Twitch

Twitch, also known as The Plague Rat, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. A mutated rat who roams the sewers of Zaun, Twitch revels in his filthy domain as he searches for discarded treasures and moldy snacks to add to his collection.

Twitch was released on May 1, 2009, and is most commonly played in the bot lane.

He is voiced by Doug Boyd.



Twitch was once a regular rat in the sewers of Zaun before a chemical accident caused him to mutate into a monster. Driven by paranoia, the Plague Rat sneaks undetected as he accumulates garbage for his collection, declaring himself king and connoisseur of the Sump and sewage and he plots the downfall of humanity.


In game, Twitch is a marksman-type champion, a fragile unit that attacks his enemies from a distance. His passive, Deadly Venom, makes it so his basic attacks stack and poison enemies over time. Twitch can also use Ambush to camouflage and surprise attack, Venom Cask to poison an area on the ground, and Contaminate to send toxins to damage infected enemies. Twitch's ultimate, Spray and Pray, launches a barrage of poisoned bolts from his crossbow over a short period of time which can pass through enemies.


Arrogant, greedy, and paranoid, Twitch declares himself king of the sewers and will gladly kill anyone he catches trespassing in his domain. Twitch considers himself a connoisseur of trash, finding joy in the filthiest of things while showing a complete distaste in the human world above. Twitch loves garbage so much that in "Do Not Engage", he murders a human trespasser and loots his body only for garbage, even leaving behind food and equipment behind in favor of a bag of filth, an action which confuses the investigators. Twitch is also shown to have a distaste for the upper classes of Piltover, vowing to reveal their "filth" to the world.



  • Twitch's lore is very outdated (much like Shaco), with only a brief description of the character under his biography.
  • He is a reference to the Black Death.


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