Twitch is a strangling and an antagonist in Sofia the First

Role in the series

Twitch first appeared in "The Mystic Isles: The Falcon's Eye" where he first meets Prisma in prison. When Prisma ask for him help to steal the Locket of Vor he willingly helps her. She tells him how to get into the chamber, and he managed to retrieve the locket. Prisma promises she'll share the power with him and the locket tells Prisma about the Wicked Nine. The spirit says they'll restore her powers if she gathers them all, but she cannot get out of her cell. Twitch offers to get to them as he's picked Prisma as his master. The Spirit says the first of the Nine they need to find is the Falcon's Eye, which is in the Wei-Ling marketplace, and Twitch leaves to go get it.

He failed to get the Falcon’s Eye, but manages to steal Sofia’s Necessi-Key and take it back to Prisma, allowing her to escape from prison.

Later, he and Prisma go to Royal Prep to steal Maleficent's Spindle. After discovering they need dragon fire to break the protection spell on the door hiding it, Twitch helps Clover make dragon fire to pass an animal helper test, then steals it. Sofia and Clover then catch up to the two and get the spindle from them, but Twitch and Prisma escape again.

In the series finale, "Forever Royal" Twitch and Wormwood and Prisma release Vor from the locket. The spirit of Vor lunges into Prisma and takes control of her. Twitch and Wormwood quickly blow off their shock by this. Twitch turns into a black winged unicorn and the three and start their evil plan with their new mistress.

Twitch eventually met his defeat when Wormwood's former master Cedric made a cage magically appear and lock the rat inside (and then does the same to Wormwood).



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