When the clown dies, we will own this town! We will RULE this town!
~ Two-Face to his men in the courthouse.

Two-Face's Gang are a major antagonistic faction in Batman: Arkham City, and a supporting antagonistic faction in Batman: Arkham Knight.

They are a criminal gang of mostly rapists, mugger and murderers and Two-Face is the boss of them. They are in a war with Joker's Gang and Penguin's Gang over ruling Arkham City. Eventually Two-Face's Gang wins because Joker dies and Penguin gets captured.

In Arkham Knight they are trying to rob the banks in Gotham but are thwarted by Batman. 


Arkham City

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Arkham Knight

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A Flip Of A Coin

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  • In Batman: Arkham City, when Batman headed to save Catwoman from Two-Face, some gang members could be heard outside of the Courthouse talking about a former gang member named "Baille" who apparently ended up at the wrong side of Two-Face's coin, was subsequently was cut in two, and killed on a "Big ass industrial saw". 
  • Unlike Joker or Penguin, Two-Face was the only gang leader in Arkham City who had no screening method to obtain well-trained members as he simply took whoever wished to join him, while Joker had a few death traps in the Steel Mill to test the reflexes of inmates, and Penguin had his Gladiator Pit at the Museum.
  • Two-Face's Gang was also the most under-equipped during the Arkham Gang War, with the least members, no access to Titan, no lieutenants, and had the smallest territory. Despite that, they won the war due to the fact that Penguin was captured and Joker died.
  • At the time of Arkham Knight, the Gang no longer wore mask/clothing that was damaged from the other side.
  • Like Joker's Henchmen, Two-Face's Gang recruited members from the Penguin's team that didn't wish to die by remaining loyal to him.
  • Everything is decided by The Coin. Two-Face once tossed his men's cut into the Gotham River because of it.



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