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Wrong, Batman. I'm not Harvey. I am evil incarnate. I am... Two-Face!
~ Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face

Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face is the main antagonist of the 2017 film, Batman vs. Two-Face. He was once Gotham's finest district attorney until a science experiment to remove the criminal element caused half his body to mutate with pure evil, turning him into Gotham's newest supervillain and Batman's arch-enemy.

He was voiced by William Shatner, who also played Evil Kirk in Star Trek.


Harvey Dent began as a normal looking man with orange hair and brown suit. After becoming Two-Face, the left side of his body became horribly disfigured with green skin, black messy hair, yellow eyes, and a purple suit. When his evil side completely took over, both sides resembled the evil side.


Harvey Dent was a man of great virtue who saw to it that every criminal was put behind bars for their misdeeds, and was a good friend to both Bruce Wayne and Batman, but did occasionally treat Dick Grayson/Robin as a child. After the accident, Harvey's darker half began to slowly take control of him, forcing him to become Two-Face, a ruthless crime lord who's desire is to destroy Batman and Robin and reign supreme over Gotham. However, the two sides had to share control, using a two-sided coin to decide their next action. His crimes always have a theme of duality to them.

After Harvey's face was "restored", he welcomed back the opportunity to rebuild himself as a member of society, but was plagued with guilt over having to work with Two-Face to do so. In the climax of the film, Two-Face was able to completely take control of Harvey's body, but Batman was able to help Harvey fight back against Two-Face and take back full-control, seemingly ending the villain once and for all.


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