Two Junior

Two Junior is a character that appeared in the Grojband episode Line of Credit. He is a delinquent baby that wildly causes crimes. He is voiced by Jacob Ewaniuk.


Two Junior first appeared in the episode Line of Credit where Grojband went to Playpen Max Security Daycare to act tough and try to teach the delinquent babies how to be good. By doing this however, they accidentally released Two Junior and the other delinquent babies from their prison and they broke free and reeked havoc among Peaceville. The babies robbed candy stores, blew things up, attacked people, and stole toys which they used as weapons. The entire gang even broke into The Riffin House and destroyed Trina's scale model of Peaceville which made her so angry, she went into Diary Mode. Grojband used her diary to make lyrics for the song Knock It Off which they sang to the babies while winning a fight with them which made them finally stop causing crime and turn to the good side.

Two Junior and the delinquent babies returned in the episode Bee Bop A Loofah where they apparently became evil again and broke out of Playpen Max Security Daycare on their own during a flood. They hitched a ride on Pinktastic as it was passing by and when they got to dry land, Trina decided to overthrow Two Junior as the leader of the delinquent baby gang and by playing the "got your nose" game with him and literally taking his nose off his face and by controlling the other babies by showing then The Bubble Bunch Band on TV. After doing this, Trina made all of the babies her slaves. She made the babies treat her like a queen and keep her in perfect condition during the flood. Grojband saved the babies from Trina by pouring a bunch of apple sauce all over the ground which dominated the minds of the babies and drove them crazy. They all went insane and ate all of the apple sauce and no matter what Trina did, she could not make them obey her again. Two Junior got his nose back and then he touched Trina all over the place while his hands were covered in apple sauce which made her so angry, she went into Diary Mode. After this, Two Junior drove off with the other babies in Trina's car so they could go home and do nothing but poop, eat candy, and watch cartoons.


Two Junior is a short baby with brown, buzz cut hair. He wears a purple headband around his head. He has an eyepatch and a scar on his face. He wears a white, sleeveless shirt and orange pants.


  • Two Junior's name comes from his father. His father was named Junior and he was named after him.


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