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Tygus was a male Cat in the 2011 Thundercats cartoon series. Living several thousand years before the events of the series, Tygus was a possible ancestor of Tygra. Tygus was the servant of the undead being Mumm-Ra.

Tygus was a skilled pilot, something that he passed down to his descendants.

Tygus would eventually rise to become the Captain of Mumm-Ra's ship. He was unquestionably loyal to Mumm-Ra, and with his fellow Tigers he turned against his fellow Cats and the other enslaved animal species. The animal species combined forces and they all managed to defeat Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra's ship crashed on Third-Earth during the fighting, and Mumm-Ra sealed himself in his sarcophagus to await a better time to carry out his revenge.

Because Tygus and the Tiger clan alone remained loyal to Mumm-Ra they were all exiled in disgrace by the Cats following their arrival on Third Earth.


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