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Tyler is a supporting antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "South of Friendship, North of Honor". He is a delinquent student who is in league with J.T. Thrift Jr. of MacLuhan Middle School.

He was voiced by Chris Marquette.


Tyler was first seen going for a joyride on the back of the school's pet pig for fun. Cornelius Fillmore, who was visiting the school to meet his friend Wayne Liggett for Spring Break, came by to chase Tyler to the auditorium, where Liggett throws a heap of hay to take down Tyler. Liggett then books Wayne for joyriding on school grounds.

However, this was not the case when Liggett was suspended from the Patrol by Thrift Jr. for having personal photos on his desk, and during the detention, it was told that Thrift has hired Tyler to become a new Safety Patrol officer, much to both Fillmore and Liggett's dismay.

While Fillmore is sent down to the sewers by Thrift and his gang, Tyler starts throwing paper balls at Liggett to annoy him. However, Safety Patrol officer Jeeter informs Liggett of Fillmore's plight, so Liggett furiously hangs Tyler on a jacket pin while letting Jeeter's dog Jeremiah to fierecly growl at Tyler. It later turns out that Thrift Jr. has stolen the school's praline supply and sold them underground for profit and that he just employed Tyler to cover his tracks.

After Thrift Jr.'s actions were exposed to the school, it can be implied that Tyler and the rest of Thrift Jr.'s cohorts would be stripped of their occupations and sent to either detention or suspension for their villainous actions.


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