Typhon, also known as the Father of All Monsters, is one of the Titans and a minor antagonist from Disney's animated TV series Hercules.

He was voiced by Regis Philbin.


Typhon was the most powerful of the Titans who tried to conquer the world but he was challenged by Zeus and then beaten by Hera when she hurled a lightning bolt at one of Typhon's nostrils. He was then imprisoned by Zeus under Mount Etna for his crimes, causing him a massive headache over the centuries. For the countless years, Typhon would only remember Zeus throwing a mountain on top of him and will seek revenge.

He appeared in the episode "Hercules and the Return of Typhon". While battling Echidna, Typhon's wife, Hercules accidentally freed his father's greatest nightmare and Typhon prepared for a rematch by spending "quality time" with Echidna and baby Ladon. When Zeus and Hercules reappeared, Typhon throttled his enemy and nearly succeeded when Hera once more intervened and threw a lightning bolt into his nostril, forcing all three monsters to flee.

When they discover that Hera and Zeus were working together, Echidna and Typhon attempted to get Homer to fix the facts.


  • In Greek mythology, Typhon was not actually a Titan. However, he was created by Gaia to avenge the Titans. Also, Typhon met his fate when Zeus hit him with a Lightning Bolt.


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