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Villain Overview

Sin is a dividing wedge that nobody can escape.
~ Typhon's motto.
Now then, what is it you'd like to ask me? [...] Typhon, the Witch of Pride, who, out of innocence and cruelty, judged criminals one after another?
~ Echidna talking with Subaru Natsuki about Typhon.

Typhon, also known as the Witch of Pride and Typhon of Pride, is an anti-villain in the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name.

At some point in her life, the adorable little girl named Typhon came into contact with and absorbed the Pride Witch Factor. The Witch Factor within her eventually blossomed into the Authority of Pride, a power that allowed Typhon to telekinetically shatter a person's body if they felt any modicum of guilt. As the possessor of the Pride Witch Factor, Typhon was counted among the Witches of Sin, a collection of the people who wielded the nine Witch Factors that each corelated to one of the deadly sins. Due to her Witch Factor and her connection to the Witches, Typhon became known as the "Witch of Pride."

The Witch of Pride, like the other Witches, was a figure of infamy around the world for the well-intentioned death and dismay she created. Typhon had a very naïve concept of justice, believing that a person who felt guilty over something, regardless of whether or not it warranted punishment, should be killed. Naturally, her Authority of Pride that allowed her to destroy the bodies of those who felt guilt led to almost every person who crossed Typhon's path to lose their life. The Witch would frequently go on destructive rampages, judging innocent people as sinners due to her misinformed concept of justice.

Out of her fellow Witches of Sin, Typhon was closest to the Witch of Sloth Sekhmet, who acted as a sort of mother-figure for Typhon who occasionally tried to stop her rampages. Ultimately however, Typhon and five of the other witches (including Sekhmet) eventually died and were devoured by Satella, the Witch of Envy, who was the most powerful of the sins. After Typhon's death, her soul was collected by the Witch of Greed Echidna. Echidna manifested the Witch of Pride's soul inside her dream realm, allowing Typhon to interact with the living when they visited Echidna.

Typhon is voiced by Misaki Kuno in the Japanese version of the anime adaptation and by Kimberley Anne Campbell in the English version. Kuno's other villainous roles include Cerebrum in Day Break Illusion, Kate Hoshimiya in World Conquest Zvezda Plot, and Elfnein in Senki Zesshō Symphogear.


Typhon was a young girl who looked as though she was around ten years of age. She had large round red eyes that brimmed with curiosity and short messy deep-green hair that fell down to her chin-level and was stylized into a bob-cut of sorts. Her skin was dark and her face possessed an adorability expected in a girl of her age. The little girl, contrary to her true nature as the Witch of Pride, evoked images of youth, innocence, and purity to those that met her.

Typhon's lovely clothing helped compliment her youthful disposition. Her ensemble included a wreath of blue flowers of different shades decorating the top of her head, a blue armband on each arm, matching light blue scrunchies worn on both of her wrists, a pair of pieces of white material that covered her ankles and had a matching pair of blue flowers attached to them, and a white sundress with light blue lining and a row of blue flowers as its bottom hem. The dress was translucent below its hemline, as Typhon's bare legs could partially be seen under the fabric. The Witch of Pride was never seen wearing anything on her feet.


Despite her young age, Typhon had a strong sense of justice and showed no remorse to those she considered guilty. Instead of judging people off of their actions, Typhon condemned those she came across over their feelings of guilt. She showed the capacity for manipulation, as she used her adorable charm to her advantage when getting Subaru to hold her hand so she could test his guilt.



At some point in her childhood, the innocent girl named Typhon absorbed the Pride Witch Factor, giving her access to a power called the Authority of Pride. Known as the Witch of Pride, Typhon mercilessly judged and executed criminals due to her youthful naivety. She was a member of the Witches of Sin, a small group of other Witch Factor bearers who were reviled by the people of the world. Eventually, Typhon and five of the other Witches died. Satella, the Witch of Envy, purportedly devoured the six deceased Witches including Typhon. Satella went on to drain half of the world dry before being stopped and imprisoned.

Typhon's Factor was allegedly inherited by Stride Volakia, a nobleman from the Volakian Empire that bordered the Kingdom of Lugunica. Stride was secretly a member of the Witch Cult, a group dedicated to worshipping and attempting to restore the Witch of Envy. Aptly referred to as the Sin Archbishop of Pride, Stride was eventually devoured by a dragon. Since Stride's demise, the inheritor of the Pride Witch Factor has remained unclear.

Subaru Natsuki

During her first meeting with Subaru Natsuki around four-hundred years after Typhon's death, the Witch of Greed Echidna offered the young man access to her vast knowledge of various affairs. Trying to spike his curiosity, Echidna told Natsuki the names of the Witches of Sin as well as brief descriptions of their history. On the topic of Typhon, the Witch of Greed briefly spoke about the Witch of Pride's wrongful judgements and executions while conjuring an illusory silhouette of Typhon for Subaru to see.

From an unknown location in Echidna's dream realm, Typhon and the other Witches observed the meetings that transpired between Natsuki and Echidna. During another meeting with Subaru, Echidna suggested to the boy that he should seek the council of the Witch of Gluttony Daphne on a matter relating to the Three Great Mabeasts she had created centuries ago. Subaru agreed to Echidna's idea, and so the Witch of Greed tried to swap her consciousness with Daphne's so Gluttony could talk to him. However, Typhon, who was eager to meet Subaru, took her opportunity to hijack Daphne's place, manifesting herself instead of the Witch of Gluttony.

In a blinding light, Typhon appeared before Subaru in the chair Echidna had been sitting on. As the little Witch shook her legs that couldn't reach the ground back and forth, she expressed relief that her and Subaru were finally able to meet. Natsuki, bewildered by the little girl sitting before him, let out a confused grunt which Typhon took offence to. The Witch, recalling Subaru's name, extended her hand to him with the intent of testing him.

Although Subaru was initially reluctant to shake a Witch's hand, he gave in when Typhon acted adorable to get what she wanted. With Subaru's hand in her's, Typhon was able to tell that, while Natsuki had a good heart, he still felt guilt over certain past actions. Wasting no time, Typhon shattered Natsuki's right arm off, joyfully remarking how he really must be a good person as he felt no pain from the attack.

When Natsuki realized what had happened, he leapt at Typhon, furiously demanding that she give him his arm back. Before the screaming Subaru could reach her, an exasperated Typhon used her Authority to shatter the rest of Subaru's body. As they were inside a dream realm, Subaru wasn't killed by the attack. Typhon complimented Subaru on his good heart before dematerializing, as her purpose for meeting him had been fulfilled.

Powers & Abilities

At some point, Typhon absorbed the Pride Witch Factor, gaining the Authority of Pride in the process. With the Authority, Typhon was able to sense whether an individual was good or bad merely by touching them. Furthermore, she could also tell whether the person in question felt any guilt for any past actions. If a person felt guilt, regardless of the size and context of the guilt or whether or not they were a good or a bad person, Typhon's Authority would have an affect on them.

The power of the Authority allowed Typhon to telekinetically shatter the bodies of perceived "sinners." Under Typhon's gaze, the target would simply collapse into a collection of shards of themselves. If a guilty person had a good heart, they would feel no pain when Typhon obliterated them. The first time Typhon was seen using the power was on Subaru Natsuki in Echidna's dream realm, who failed to feel pain from the Authority thanks to his good heart. However, as they were only in a dreamscape, Subaru didn't die when the Witch of Pride shattered his body.

As a member of the Witches of Sin, Typhon's very presence had an adverse affect on the people around her. Most ordinary people that encountered a Witch such as Typhon would instantly fall into madness and kill themselves. The Witch of Pride had no control over this effect, as it was the very nature of being a Witch that drove those around herself to end their own lives.


Now then, what is it you'd like to ask me? [...] Typhon, the Witch of Pride, who, out of innocence and cruelty, judged criminals one after another?
~ Echidna telling Subaru Natsuki about Typhon.
Typhon: Ah, we meet at last.
Subaru: Huh?
Typhon: Hold on, what do you mean by "huh"? You should know that saying such a thing is very rude,
Subaru: So you're a... I-I mean, I take it you're also a Witch, right?
Typhon: Chidna already told you, didn't she? And you're... Let's see here, Baru! Yeah, that's it!
~ Typhon and Subaru meeting for the first time.
Typhon: Now tell me something, are you bad Baru? Cause I've been wondering about that this whole time!
Subaru: Am I bad?
[Typhon extends hand] Do you want me to hold your hand? H-hang on a minute! There's something I wanna ask you first— [Typhon smiles cutely] Okay, okay! Fine!
Typhon: There is only one way to pay for sins, and that is through pain.
~ Typhon testing Subaru's guilt.
Typhon: Oh! If you don't feel pain, that means you must not be a bad guy! That's really great to know!
Subaru: A-ahhhhhh! You took my arm!
Typhon: But it doesn't hurt, does it? If you make too much noise here, Chidna's gonna hate you for sure.
Subaru: You're a psycho, gi-give it back!
~ Typhon telling Subaru to calm down after she removed his arm.
Sin is a dividing wedge that nobody can escape.
~ Typhon reciting her belief while shattering Subaru.
You see yourself as a sinner, even though you're really not a bad guy at all, is that it? You have such a good heart, Baru! You poor thiiing. Well I guess that's all I really came out here for, and that would leave...
~ Typhon taking her leave.
Echidna: Honestly, I was disconcerted too, when Typhon jumped in the moment I tried to give my body to Daphne.
Subaru: Ah, you were huh?
Echidna: Yes, the Witch of Pride. Just a child, as you saw. She was so eager to meet you that she jumped right out. And the one who saved you, that was the Witch of Wrath, Minerva.
~ Echidna explaining Subaru's first meeting with Typhon to the man.

List of Appearances

Light Novel

Volume 11

  • Chapter 5: The Witches' Tea Party (First appearance)
  • Chapter 6: Loveloveloveloveloveloveyou (Indirect mention only)

Volume 12

  • Chapter 2: I've Already Seen Hell (Mentioned only)
  • Chapter 6: The Witches' Tea Party

Volume 13

  • Chapter 1: The Sounds That Make You Want to Cry
  • Chapter 2: Ignoring the Odds (Indirect mention only)
Anime Adaptation
  • Episode 28: The Long-Awaited Reunion (First mentioned)
  • Episode 34: Love Love Love Love Love Love You (First appearance)
  • Episode 37: The Witches' Tea Party
  • Episode 38: The Sounds That Make You Want to Cry


  • Like the other Witches of Sin (with the exception of Satella), Typhon received her namesake from a celestial body. 42355 Typhon is the name of a scattered disc found in the solar system. Her name, like the celestial body, may also be a reference to Typhon, the father of monsters in Greek mythology.
  • Of the Witches of Sin, Typhon is the only member confirmed to be deceased whose Witch Factor doesn't have a clear current inheritor. Stride Volakia, the Sin Archbishop of Pride, likely possessed the Factor. However, Stride was killed sometime before Subaru Natsuki's arrival and his successor remains unclear if there is one.
  • Typhon's English voice actress, Kimberley Anne Campbell, initially auditioned for an undisclosed role in the Re:Zero anime adaptation during the production of the dub of the first season in 2017. The anime series was one that she particularly wanted to voice in, so she was rather upset when she was turned down. Fortunately, as evidenced, she was able to land the voice role of Typhon in the dub of the second season three years later.

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