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The Tyrannos are the main antagonists of Dinosaucers. They are organization of villainous alien species that evolved from dinosaurs in Reptilon that broke away from Dinosaucers, more benevolent organization of the same race. Tyrannos have a total of 7 active members in their group, if not count on another one that still active in Reptilon. Her name is Princess Dei.


Tyrannos share all technology with Dinosaucers' except Dinovolving that enable a Reptilonian to taking form of their more primitive ancestor of their kind whilst retaining their intelligence and capability to speech (ex. Allo can morphed into an Allosaurus) as means to combat or other various feats that normally difficult to performed in their natural form. Due to yet to learn the secret of Dinovolving, Tyrannos tried to counteract this with Devolver Beam. Unfortunately, the said technology possesses drawbacks where upon morphing to one's primitive form, the user would lost their intelligence to that of devolved form. Devolver technology also somewhat dangerous as users wind up turned against another and not focus the rampage on their Dinosaucer enemies instead.


Race that Evolved from Reptilonian Dinosaurs

Both Tyrannos and Dinosaucers are member of alien species that native of Reptilon, an alternate Earth that share the same lifeform with Earth in prehistoric era at least until the event of Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event occured on Earth. Whereas dinosaurs on Earth eventually died out in the said period, dinosaurs on Reptilon continued to thrive and evolve into anthropomorphic race called Reptilonians.

Civil War Broke Out

Over the course of million years to present day, Reptilonians have developed to the point of technologically advanced includes space-faring technology that enable them to travel from one planet to another includes Earth. Unfortunately, the planet now eventually dangerously low in resource. Worse, a number of Reptilonians, that eventually become Tyrannos, sought to save the planet in extreme ways and opposed the more benevolent group of Reptilonians that eventually named themselves Dinosaucers, starting out civil war that worsen the planet's location. Tyrannos' leader, Genghis Rex, whom learned about Earth that still rich of resources, sought to conquered it. This resulting Dinosaucers to set out on Earth to save all life in the said planet....


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