Tyrant is a chimera-like kaiju made up of the Ultra Brother's past defeated foes and a recurring antagonist in the Ultraman franchise.


Ultraman Taro

Having been formed from the spirits of the Ultra Brother's past foes, including Seagorath, Barabba and Bemstar, Tyrant traveled across the solar system fighting and defeating any Ultras that got in its way before reaching Earth to attack it.

After Tyrant rampaged for a bit, Taro showed up to fight it, defeating it by reflecting its grappling hook back at it.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Tyrant appears as a kaiju of Grande. It fought against Rei's Eleking and killed it. It later fought Rei's Gomora and was destroyed by Gomora's Super Oscillatory Ray being fired into it.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Tyrant appears as a member of the Belial Army. He teamed up with Sadola, Vakishim, Alien Reflect, Ho and Galberos to fight Litra. He was later destroyed by Ultraman Zero's Zero Slugger Attack along with Alien Valky, Fire Golza, Alien Guts, King Joe Black and Zetton, being the last monster destroyed by the attack.

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