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Tyreen Calypso is one of the two main antagonists and final boss of Borderlands 3. The twin sister of Troy Calypso, she and Troy formed the Children of The Vault, uniting the warring bandit clans of Pandora under a single banner and turning them into a fanatical cult. With the endless legions of bandits under her command, she sought to find and open The Great Vault, and steal the power of the monster within to become a God.

She was voiced by Elisa Melendez.


Tyreen was born the Siren daughter of Typhon and Leda DeLeon on the Eridian homeworld Nekrotafeyo. At birth, she had a twin brother, Troy, conjoined as a parasitic sibling. In order to save the life of both his children, Typhon separated the two, leading to Tyreen having full Siren powers while Troy's powers were stunted as a result. Her mother passing away at a very early age, Typhon raised the twins alone on the alien world, unaware that the stories from his grand adventures placed a dark desire within his children.

Tyreen and Troy eventually left their birthplace and made their way to Pandora, where they would bring all the endlessly warring bandit clans under their rule, forming the Children of the Vault.

The Calypso Twins would use their fanatical cultists to start their crusade across the stars, searching for vaults so that they may leech the power of the vault monsters that lay within. Their ultimate goal was to find and open The Great Vault, and then absorb the essence of the extremely powerful creature within to become Gods.

They would eventually succeed in not only finding The Great Vault, but as well as opening it, however this cost Troy his life. Tyreen, unaware of the true power of The Destroyer inside, ends up fusing with the cosmic monstrosity, becoming Tyreen The Destroyer in the process. Her goal of ascending to godhood corrupted by the eldritch horror to now desire to consume all of reality. She is ultimately slain by the Vault Hunters.


Far more outspoken and overall vocal than her brother, Tyreen constantly calls the Vault Hunters on their echo device to insult and mock them. Believing herself to be a god, she thinks everyone else, including her twin, is beneath her, and she demands absolute loyalty from her followers. She is just as sadistic and cruel as her twin, but is less playful about their atrocities than Troy.

Deep down, Tyreen may harbor some insecurities about herself and is easily made jealous. This is shown when Troy begins to be more vocal and asserts himself more often, which angers Tyreen and she is always very quick to try and remind him she's the one truly in charge. She is also somewhat of a coward, as she became increasingly distressed the more pain was inflicted on her in their attempt to open The Great Vault.