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Do you know what time it is, America!? Payback time!!
~ Tyrone King

Tyrone King is the main antagonist of the video games Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and a minor antagonist in comic book mini-series Dead Rising: Road to Fortune.


He is first seen hosting a controversial show called Terror is Reality (TIR for short) along with the Bailey Twins. This show is about fighting against a horde of zombies for money. Chuck Greene, the protagonist, joins the show only to get Zombrex for his daughter Katey.

King takes advantage of the situation when Phenotrans starts a zombie outbreak and frames Chuck for the incident, robbing the city of its money. He encounters him in a train, but he escapes. Later on, he tries to escape by helicopter with the money, but Chuck was able to stop him.

Later, when zombies get into the safe house, King is bitten and Chuck must give him Zombrex.

Later, he manages to free himself, and he kidnaps Katey and Stacey and forces Chuck to give him what he wants. However, King knocks him out and tries to get the two eaten by the zombies before Chuck fights him. When Chuck thought he won, King grabs him and says the line of Terror is Reality and gets thrown over the rail by Chuck, who finishes the line by saying " big." King falls to his death, and the zombie horde immediately starts feeding on his corpse.


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