Tziloco is a crystal bat from and a supporting antagonist Elena of Avalor. He used his magic to terrorize sailor for years. He is voiced by John Leguizamo who also voiced Sid the sloth from the Ice Age franchise.

Role in the series

Tziloco makes his first appearance in "Giant Steps", when he joins up with Ash, Esteban and Chatana. They use his magic to enter Vallestrella where they plan release Chatana's greatest monster, Kizin. As they make their way Tziloco's wings glow meaning he could sense someone using magic to locate them.

A mini sculpture of Tziloco made by Elena appears in "Elena's Day Off", along with Ash and Esteban.

In "Coronation Day", Tziloco is still with the rest of Ash's villainous group when she declares her intention to free the Shadows of the Night, who are imprisoned in the gateway to the Spirit World that is near Nueva Vista. Tziloco helps locate where the gateway is by finding a clue near Avalor, to which Chatana takes care of the rest and gives off its exact location. Esteban teleports them there, but just as Ash is about to release the Shadows, the group is confronted by Elena and her friends. After Chatana blasts Mateo with her magic, Tziloco mocks him, only to be frozen into an ice statue by Antonia Bello and taken to Avalor alongside Chatana and Pili to be imprisoned in the dungeon.

Powers and abilities

Tziloco's wings are able to make glowing imitation of anything as he made a Jaquins paw to get into Vallestrella. His wings are also able to sense magic being used for tracking.



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