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The U-Men are a long-running antagonistic faction within the X-Men and larger Marvel comics universe,as they are a perversion of the anti-mutant hysteria common in earlier X-Men works and a cult led by the alien bacteria known as Sublime.


The U-Men are the result of Sublime's manipulation of humanity. Long seeing the rise of mutants as a danger to his own rule over Earth Sublime decided to embark on an ambitious plan to not only increase human hatred of mutants but also to create a society of "U-Men", who gather mutant organs in order to turn themselves into a "third species", a merging of humanity and mutant.

U-Men thus have the strange, dangerous abilities of mutants yet are completely under Sublime's control, they see themselves as the beginning of a new species and often seal themselves within full-body containment suits, seeing the outside world as corrupt and polluted.

Sublime in turn sees the U-Men as a valuable tool, his "solution" to the mutant problem as well as a means to create his own super-army - while most anti-mutant groups seek to wipe out mutants the U-Men are arguably even more twisted and they see mutants as livestock to be captured, raised and harvested for their own goals.


  • The U-Men and their methods of unethical experimentation to obtain a "master race" is obviously based on the infamous experiments of several dictatorships in world history - such as the Axis Powers in WWII.
  • U-Men, by their very nature, do not regularly ally with other anti-mutant groups and function as a dangerous cult.
  • U-Men can also be compared to the Transhuman Movement, though U-Men are far more radical in their beliefs than most Transhumanists.