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UU Ussu is a tiger-themed body builder alien and is the main antagonist in episode 33 of the 1996 TV series Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

He is voiced by Sukekiyo Kameyama who previously voiced Bara Skunk from the 1995 TV series Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.


UU Ussu made his first appearance at the BB Saloon when President Gynamo announce that they'll be known as Hell's biker gang. After that he was then used as a test a subject of one of Inventor Grotch's drinks called the Gekibaka and once Ussu drunk it he became very, very dumb.

A while later he appeared on planet Earth which he arrived via his motorcycle as he plans to set the whole world on fire (literally). He does this as he used the experimental drink and pours it into his motorcycle causing his ride to go so fast that he leaves a trail of fire in its path causing a forest fire. However the team were at the said location when they're setting the picnic up as a surprise for their friend Dappu, so they first transformed then brought out the VRV Fighters to put out the fire and rescue the civilians.

Once the fire has been put out Ussu is so mad that he was about to ride his bike again, but he broke it so he drunk two more bottles of Gekibaka to increase his fire power. As shown when he runs around so fast that he made a vortex of fire that knocked the Carrangers out of their mecha. Even with their autoblaster they couldn't lend a shot on this fiery cat as Ussu used his own ability and burn the Carrangers.

As the situation is getting worse Dappu accidentally flips the channel when a weather reports about the situation and the worms are staying cool underground. Which gives him an idea if they attack Ussu from underground they could deal some onto him, but he has to put on his disguise, so he won't revealed his friends that he's already awake.

Meanwhile during the battle Ussu manages to knock the Carrangers out as they were forced to retreat and to cool down, but no matter what every water the team comes across becomes boiling hot thankfully Dappu who's disguised as a rocker told them how to beat Ussu is by going underground.

Later Ussu is still making more heat onto the planet, but he stops and wonders where the Carrangers are at. So to his answer he got sneaked attack from underground by the team as they rode in a Dragon Cruiser and Pegasus Thunder.

So with that said he ate a Jelly Potato to enlarge himself prompting the team to bring out the VRV Robo and battle him. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Victory Twister.


Ussu is extremely dumb, even by Bowzock standards. However, he could also be somewhat creative such as using his Gekibaka drink as fuel to power up his motorcycle.

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