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The Uberkids are the main antagonists of the animation Pico Vs. The Uberkids. They are the creations of the presumed defunct Human Genome project, and are designed to be more superior then the average humans in each of every way. They are composed of Uberfred, Uberjon, and Ubersam, with all of them appearing to be clones of each other.

They are also the main antagonists in the non-canon Pico Unloaded, where they appear as hitmen trying to Kill Pico in a fake ice cream shop.


The Uberkids appear has short light brown hair straighly cut down the bottom, and white eyes. They wear blue shirts, blue pants, and light blue shoes.


Uberkids are rather emotionless and not showing any form of sadness, anger, or happiness in any sort of form and way. However, though, they can occasionally show emotion a little bit in some moments. In "Pico vs the Uberkids", if the player had a low chance of the surviving the RR, they would be shocked knowing that they should dead, or if Darnell has survived the near suicide, they would get mad. In their pilot appearance, they had no malicious intent and were neutral too, but in later appearances, they get more violent, mostly towards Pico and his friends (Darnell and NeNe), having a gruge against them with their losses.


Pico vs. Überkids

In Pico vs. Überkids, The three members of the Uberfred, Uberjon, and Obersam is seen as the new classmates for Pico's class, tested by the school's best students, even since the school's best and noteable students died in the Shooting, They are challenged by Pico, Nene and Darnell. The Uberkids has chosen fight in a lethal verison of R.P.S (Rock Paper and Scissors Roulette.) In the Good ending, the Uberkids would be disposed and decomposing corpse giving nutrients and fertilizer to the soil of the earth.

Pico Unloaded

Uberkids revealed to be the ice-cream workers.

The Uberkids made a plan to kill Pico by dressing and setting up the place as an ice cream shop, but the plan failed. When Pico realizes that it was a trap to kill him, Pico leaves. The Uberkids run and try to kill Pico, but Pico shoots them down, killing three on-screen and countess many off-screen, A group of UberKids then gang up on him, but get counted on. Suddenly, a bus comes and runs half of them and nearly stopping them, but it didn't work but because they use their strength to break it. The Uberkids then try again to kill Pico, but Pico shoots them down and also Shoots the gas coming from the bus, almost exploding every single of them. The last Uberkid tried to knock Pico again, but failed and got beaten to death.

Pico Roulette

In Pico Roulette, the Uberkids appear as playable characters.


  • The word "Uber" is in german and would translate "above", meaning they are better then average kid.


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