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Ubermenscher was the secondary villain of the X-Files episode "Arcadia" and an extension of Gene Gogolak's will.


The Ubermenscher was a tulpa, a being able to be summoned from the Earth by religious figures in Tibet. Gene Gogolak obtained this ability while in Tibet and used the Ubermenscher to enforce his reign of terror on The Falls at Arcadia.

Gogolak summoned the creature from the landfill beneath the neighborhood and used it to kill Dave Kline, Nancy Kline, Mike Raskub, and almost Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. While trying to apprehend Gogolak, Mulder handcuffed him to a mailbox while the Ubermenscher was still about.

The creature encountered and killed Gogolak. However, since Gogolak had called the creature into being, his death caused the Ubermenscher to dissolve into a pile of harmless dirt.


  • The concept of a tulpa would return later, with the introduction of the Band-Aid Nose Man - who is also a tulpa and in many ways a "spiritual successor" of the Ubermenscher but with a twist of defending the homeless and poor (while the Ubermenscher was used to oppress them).
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