You would have done the same, to save the ones you love...
~ -Uberto speaking about the executions.

Uberto Alberti (1416-1476) is a villain from the videogame "Assassin's Creed II". He was the gonfaloniere of Firenze, and a family friend of the Auditores and Lorenzo de Medici's ally during Assassin's Creed II. However, he betrayed the Auditore family by ordering an arrest on Federico, Petruccio and Giovanni Auditore. He did this by order of Rodrigo Borgia. His familiy was evicted by the Medici bank and he wanted revenge. He got the opportunity by working together with the Templars. He was also considered one of the best lawyers in the Italian Renaissance, even though he was self-taught. Uberto is the main Antagonist of Sequence 1, Ignorance is Bliss and Sequence 2, Escape Plans.

Ezio meets Uberto for the first time in Giovanni's office speaking about something urgent, but Ezio gets sent away before he can understand what his father and Uberto are talking about.

When Ezio's father and brothers get arrested, he needs to deliver a letter to Uberto which contains evidence of a conspiracy. He does so, and Uberto tells Ezio that everything will be allright. The next day, at the trial, he accuses Ezio's family of betrayal. Giovanni reminds him of the evidence that was delivered by Ezio, but Uberto claims he did not receive any evidence, and he sentenced Ezio's family to death.

Ezio needs to flee the execution plaza, being chased by many guards. He goes to Paola, the leader of the courtesans, who teaches him how to survive, and he then tracks Uberto down. Ezio follows Uberto to the Santa Croce cloister where he is attending an art exhibition.

He can be seen speaking with Lorenzo about the executions and he insults Lorenzo. Ezio runs up to him, and before Uberto can call the guards, he is stabbed in his chest five times, by Ezio's hidden blade.

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