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Zis is not possible!!!
~ Ucyuseruzo after Seaick Gosei Great's Sawshark Headder smashed his shell and his final words before his death.

Ucyuseruzo of the Influenza is a stinkbug-themed alien who's working for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar. Also he's the main antagonist in episode 5 of the 2010 TV series called Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

He is voiced by Ryūsei Nakao who previously voiced Agent Abrella from Dekaranger and later voiced Masakage Tsugomori from Ninninger.


Ucyuseruzo was initially sent out by Buredoran as a means to cause trouble to humanity with little work by the Warstar: after the initial infection of the "Genius Flu" the Warstar alien emits, parents would panic and try to actually infect their children with the virus, thus not needing the monster to emit too much of the virus itself with human society doing all the dirty work. When a scientist and mother has her son infected with the virus, she tries to find a cure for him but has a hard time doing so due to Ucyuseruzo's defenses being too strong to get a direct sample for development. When Agri and Hyde emerge to take on the Warstar alien, she enlists their help but sees time running out due to her attempts at a cure already failing with her son turning into a Bibi Soldier, a later effect of the virus.

In a trick to draw out Ucyuseruzo, Hyde uses his Camomirage card to pretend he was the female scientist, making an accusation that "she found a cure for the disease" and forcing him out with Ucyuseruzo thinking that he had been defeated. When facing him again, Ucyuseruzo prevents Agri from attacking him, but Hyde uses a desperate tactic to slice open the Warstar alien with the Landick Axe, then firing the Seaick Bowgun into his wound for the virus sample that GoseiBlack turns over to the scientist. The rest of the Goseiger take advantage of his new wound and then destroy him ultimately with the Gosei Buster.

After Buredoran revives Ucyuseruzo, his defensive power proves itself to be strong enough to even steal Gosei Great's Dragon Sword; but Hyde's determination of not giving up ultimately wakes up new allies: the Seaick Brothers. Using the newly revived Headders to become Seaick Gosei Great, they destroy Ucyuseruzo with the Seaick Strike.


  • The weakness of the Martians in the movies and even original novel of this work is the common cold, reflecting Ucyuseruzo's virus scheme.

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